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Title: Let’s Go
Artist: Leo Lemix (Pex Zeal, Ink Waruntorn, Room39, Na Polycat, Mild vocalist, Singto Numchok)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Why are you sad when your heart’s still beating?
Why are you lonely when your heart is still red?
If you want to shout, let it out, if your life needs color
If you want to shout, let it out, let the excitement start at you and me
Let the lights combine with our hearts

(*) If not tonight, then when?
If not tonight, then which night?
And not just you, not just me
We still have those people waiting for us to go
Let the days be only a dream
Come run a long distance with us tonight

Why be bashful when your heart has needs?
Why over-think things when there’s so many people ready to go with you?
If you want to shout, let it out, if your life needs color
If you want to shout, let it out, let the excitement start at you and me

It’s getting late, let’s go, Friday night
What are you waiting for? Let’s go, flip flow, as we desire
Wherever you friends are, don’t say no
However much strength you have, get ready with us
We’ll finally clink our glasses together, tonight we must run, run, run
Let the lights combine with our hearts


There doesn’t have to be a reason, there doesn’t need to be an explanation
Just bring your heart, go!


เนื้อเพลง: ปฏิเวธ อุทัยเฉลิม
ทำนอง : ณฐพล ศรีจอมขวัญ/ ปฏิเวธ อุทัยเฉลิม
เรียบเรียง : ณฐพล ศรีจอมขวัญ
Mixed and Mastered by พีท ตันสกุล

Title: Let’s Go
Artist: Lipta
Album: [Single]
Year: 2017

มันนานเท่าไหร่แล้วนะ มันนานเท่าไร
Mun nahn tao rai laeo na mun mahn tao rai
How long has it been now? How long has it been
Tee rao mai dai bpai nai duay gun
Since we last went somewhere together?
มันนานแค่ไหน ที่ฉันเเละเธอติดอยู่กับ
Mun nahn kae nai tee chun lae tur dtit yoo gup
How long has it been since you and I have stuck
Reuang lae bunyahgaht sum sum
To the same story and mood over and over?

(*) ไม่รู้ว่านานแค่ไหน ที่เรา
Mai roo wah nahn kae nai tee rao
I don’t know how long it’s been since we’ve
Mai dai yoot puk jing jing suk tee
Last had a proper rest
Kae yahk auk bpai nai gor dai loey dtaun nee
I just want to go out anywhere right now

(**) อยากให้เธอไปด้วยกัน
Yahk hai tur bpai duay gun
I want you to go with me
Yahk hai bpai tiao diao gun
I want you to go out with me
ไปเจอแม่น้ำทะเลภูเขา ไปแตะขอบฟ้าในบ่ายวันเสาร์พร้อมพร้อมกัน
Bpai jur mae num talay poo kao bpai dtae kaup fah nai bai wun sao praum praum gun
To go find the river, the sea, the mountains, to go touch the horizon on a Saturday afternoon with me
อยากให้ เราไปทุกที่
Yahk hai rao bpai took tee
I want us to go everywhere
Ja koy doo lae tur hai dee
I’ll take good care of you
Mai bpai dtaun nee ja bpai dtaun nai
If we don’t go now, when will we go?
Reep gep grabpao lae dern auk bpai duay gun
Hurry up and pack your bags and leave with me

Oobpasuk tee yahk tee soot keu gahn gao auk bpai hai pon bpradtoo
The hardest obstacle is getting out the door
เก็บกระเป๋า พักยาวยาว
Gep grabpao puk yao yao
Grab your bags, let’s take a long vacation
Auk bpai doo lohk hai roo
Let’s go out and get to know the world
Ja glai reu ja glai
Far or near
Ja kreuang bin reu rot fai
Plane or train
Jahaht sai reu dton mai
Sand or trees
Ja keun neua reu laung dtai
Up north or down south
ที่ไหนก็คงไม่สำคัญ สำคัญที่เราไปด้วยกัน
Tee nai gor kong mai sumkun sumkun tee rao bpai duay gun
The place isn’t important, what’s important is that we go together


Jur mae num talay poo kao kaup fah
See the river, the sea, the mountains, the horizon


Produced by : Lipta
Written and Composed : Lipta
Arranged : Jittipon Thawornkit and Lipta