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    • Sorry, this is half Lao dialect, I don’t understand it enough for a complete translation, but it seems to be a bitter breakup song

  1. Hey, sorry to message you again.. actually I am the one asked โยนใจให้หมากิน – ตั๊กแตน ชลดา
    Lyric in English.. I no need to meaning English translation.. this song some part I do not know the lyrics and I can’t read Thai song I need you to help me the changed to English word..like example โยนใจให้หมากิน – Yon Jai Hai Mah Gin..it’s ok if some wrong but at least I learn some other part..thanks ..

    • It’s called transliteration. Just go to thai2english.com and use that, as the rule number also 6 suggests.

      “6. Please request only translations for song lyrics. There are plenty of other sites, forums, and automatic transliterators like Google translate, Thai2english, and thai-language you can use for that~”

    • Sorry, this song talks about the Hindu story of the Ramayana that I’m not familiar with in either language to translate comprehensively

  2. Youse got to remember me. Remember? Little Marco Polo District, New York? I used to walk across the street and say, “Hey! I’m a Walken here!”

  3. Yeah. Danks to our Mother Gaia that the trolleys runnings me over done what cured me of my Christopher Walken identity crisis. Now I’s knows who I am trulys.

  4. Actually, I lied. I don’t know who I am. But am hoping to find myself through requestings.

    • Have you tried Craigslist? I heard people post situations there looking for people they met and didn’t get a name/contact info from. Maybe someone there will know. Just count your kidneys afterwards

    • Think it over over a child-sized orange soda with Kel.
      Then tell him I miss him, kind of.

      Also, I would have never guessed that you wanted me off the computer so you could use it by how long you kept this going xD

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