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    • This song is trash and just talks about all the drugs this guy sells/takes, honestly I’d rather not promote such songs on my site and risk being demonitized :/
      The chorus is basically “run like P’Toon, run fast, I’ve got all the drugs you’re looking for, come and get them”, I think it’s kind of insulting he’s using P’Toon’s running for a good cause in such a sleazy way

      • I agree, that’s disgusting and reprehensible! Thanks to you now, I at least know that P’Toon’s good name has been misappropriated here by this wannabe rapper. What do you think about Joey Boy having referenced “Run like P’Toon” in his rap sequence in Bodyslam’s new album?

        • I haven’t heard it, but if it was included in the Bodyslam album, I can’t imagine it was anything insulting or unsavory like this~ Plus it’s Joey Boy, he’s generally far more tasteful than the mumble-rappers of today. But “run like P’Toon” has become a common saying these days haha

  1. Hi!
    Do You Make Only Romanization Of Songs ?
    I Couldn’t Able To Find English Lyrics For This
    Song – ” Chai Tur Chai Loey ”
    Ost – Por Yung Lung Mai Wahng – Of Channel 3
    Artist – Nont Tanont
    I Already Found Translation But Couldn’t Find It’s Lyrics In English Like You Romanized For All Your Songs.I Just Want It In Your Way
    The Way You Put 1st in Thai Then Romanized & then Translation
    Thank You For Your Translations Till Now
    Your Way Of Translating Is So Marvelous & Beautiful.Can You Do It Please please

    Here’s It’s Lyrics In Thai :

    แค่ได้พบเธอ แค่เจอสายตา ก็พอรู้ว่า รักเธอเข้าแล้ว
    ก็ไม่รู้ตัว แบบไม่มีวี่แววหากเธอรู้แล้วคิดเหมือนกันไหม

    *ใจละเมอ มันเป็นของเธอง่ายๆ ทำยังไง ก็มีแต่เธอคนนี้


    แอบไปร้อนตัว แอบไปร้อนใจ กลัวเธอรักใครที่ไม่ใช่ฉัน
    อยากอยู่ใกล้เธออยากเป็นคนสำคัญ หากเรารักกัน ฉันคงสุขใจ

    คำร้อง ณรงค์วิทย์ เตชะธนะวัฒน์
    ทำนอง/เรียบเรียง เต็น ธีรภัค

  2. I’m just started learning Thai language a year ago but before that i already like Thailand song. I been searching many thai song that i like but it really hard to find it and also it really hard to find the karaoke video. So can you please tell me where i can find it? Give me a link or something. Thank you

    • Unfortunately I’m not even sure companies make karaoke DVDs anymore? ^_^; I’m not sure where to find them outside of a karaoke/noraebang at this point, sorry D:

  3. Hello! It’ll be wonderful if you can make romanized lyrics for The Toys – ลาลาลอย (100%)! I would gladly appreciate it 🙂

    • Read rule number 6… doesn’t matter how many people ask for romanized lyrics for this song, she is not gonna do it.. you can copy the lyrics in to a webside called thai2english and read it there..

    • Sorry, this is northern dialect, I don’t understand it enough for a complete translation, but he’s just talking about how he’s a simple man of the fields

  4. Hi, can you please translate ใครคือเรา by Bodyslam? the MV has English subtitles but your website is the internet’s authority on Thai lyrics and it would be interesting to compare Toon’s translation to yours as well 🙂

    • Is Toon the one making the subs for the Youtube video?? :O I thought it was just a random Grammy staff, wow~ Well I think it’s actually very well done, I don’t think I’d change a thing of it ^^

    • Sorry, it’s Lao dialect so I don’t understand the whole thing, but it seems to just be talking about how big of tits the girl has, so that gives you an idea what a wonderful song it is aha.

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