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  1. Hello again, could you please translate Timehop by เอิ๊ต ภัทรวี, Old by วัชราวลี, ไม่มีความรัก by Slot Machine? Sorry if my request is quite much ^_^

    • I think these are all new songs that haven’t come out yet right? Or are you sure you have the titles right? Because I can’t find any info on the first two and can’t find full version of the last one. But I translate all new songs as they come out, so you don’t even have to request them (if they are indeed new songs) 🙂

      • Actually the first two song has already come out at Apple Music, and the last one hasn’t released yet, sorry. But it never mentioned in your rules that the song must be released before we could ask the translation, so it’s not entirely my fault อิ_อิ

        • Well if the songs aren’t on YouTube or Gmember I can’t translate it if I can’t hear it or find lyrics so I guess you can request songs that haven’t come out, but there would be no way for me to accomplish it haha

          But that’s really no problem, I’m not faulting you for that, I replied to double check and make sure that you had the correct song titles, because I know Watcharawalee had a single last month called “Old Single” so I was wondering if you meant that song or if they have a new song called “Old” coming out. Or if I search Timehop on YouTube, I get Earth’s song “Sky & Sea,” so I wamted to make sure your song wasn’t just mislabeled or something, etc. , that’s what I wanted to know.

    • As I replied to the person who requested it before you, the official translation is accurate, there’s no need for me to do it 🙂

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