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With the updating of the blog and cleaning up old, out-dated links, that also means sprucing up the resources and affiliates links as well.
So I’m happy to introduce a new addition to the resource page, a blog for language lovers and learners of any language,

Here you can find resources for not only learning Thai, but any other language you might be working on studying or considering picking up~
With new posts being added regularly, it’s definitely a good site to bookmark for any help towards your language learning goals.

Hey guys, a small request; If you happen across a page on here where the Youtube video has been removed/blocked from Youtube and isn’t accessible anymore, please let me know ASAP so I can replace the link/remove it~ Thank you~!

As a precaution as well, I’m going through and removing as many non-official youtube videos as I find too, since there’s always the danger they’ll be deleted in the future. So sorry if you might find many translations without Youtube or Gmember links now, but if there’s no official stream, I don’t want to risk it~

If there’s any more kind souls out there who actually want to go hunting for broken links/unofficial videos, the artists that begin with #s, A, N-O, and T-Z have already been cleaned up!

Thanks for your help and understanding~ 🙂
– Tahmnong

I’m so sorry this took a while to post! It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks. But finally, here it is, with special thanks to for donating the prizes, to celebrate the new year, I have one copy of GMM Grammy’s Best of the Year 2016 to give away!

It comes with 2 CDs holding 30 of the top GMM Grammy hits of 2015, a karaoke DVD (region 9/region free) with karaoke videos of all the songs, and a pop-up 2016 calendar if you still need one for your desk~ (Pikachu helping me prop it up not included haha) I’ll leave it factory sealed unless anyone REALLY wants me to open it up and take a picture of the inserts~

Keep reading for the track list and how to enter!
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Are you searching for something for your desk that can help you organize your upcoming events, tell you what the date is, and shows off your favorite lakorn stars all at the same time? If you are, this giveaway is for you!
With special thanks to for providing the prizes, I have four brand new 2016 calendars, two from Channel 8 and two from Channel 3, to give to you guys! 🙂

Keep reading for details and instructions to enter~
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I know how much a lot of you guys like the popular Thai series Lovesick and Yes or No! The OSTs for both of them are still some of the most highest viewed translations on Deungdutjai.
So, with massive thanks to online Thai entertainment retailer for donating the prizes, I am excited to announce a free giveaway for all my lovely readers!

I have six prizes to give away to you all!

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It’s that time again~
I will be on vacation for the next week, so no more updates until next Tuesday (Aug 4) ^^
I’ll leave the request page open though, and I’ll catch up on all those and the new releases that come out when I get back.
I’ll also finally update the top charts as well :’D
AND I’ll have something special and hopefully exciting for you guys! <3 So, stay tuned, see you next week! ^^ - Tahmnong

Deungdutjai is all moved over to its new host! 🙂

I’ll still be tweaking things and adding things here and there, I’d like to try out a new layout as well, but at least the main chunk of the site is all set up! Some of it got a little unorganized in the move and had to be reedited by hand, so if you come across any broken links or missing posts, please let me know!

I’m going to try and be more diligent in writing album reviews and artist spotlights. There have been a bunch of emerging artists who really deserve some recognition, as well as several solid albums I’d like to comment on. And, of course, I’ll still keep up with translating all new releases and requests~

Speaking of which…for some reason, none of the comments transferred from the request page on the old server… ^_^;; I’m not sure what happened, comments on other posts transferred… But, so, sorry!! If you had a freestanding request, please recomment it and I’ll get to it as soon as I can~

I’ll get on translating the new singles that were released while Deungdutjai was being transferred now.
Thanks for all the love and support! ^o^
– Tahmnong

I just wanted to give a shout-out that I have finally completed the lyrics indexing!! For all 2,700-or-so translations! The indexing that I started doing back in, like, October because I didn’t, for whatever reason, think organizing it this way would be a good idea way back when I first started this site. So. Glad that’s finally done! Whew! So now, if I’ve translated more than one song by a particular artist, clicking on their name in the lyrics index will bring up a page with a listing and links of the titles of all their translated songs, so searching for a particular song translation should be a lot easier now than having to scroll scroll scroll through multiple pages of unorganized translations. Yippee!!

Lyrics by artist are listed in English alphabetical order by pronunciation of their Thai title… Sounds confusing, I know, and I’m sorry to all my Thai readers who are bound to find it awkward, but it was the only way I could think of that would be the easiest for foreigners who couldn’t read Thai but maybe knew the pronunciation of the song title to be able to find the one they’re looking for most quickly.

Also, all bands that have names that begin with “The” are indexed under the “T’s,” though I don’t think that’s grammatically correct in English, but that’s the way WordPress organized them when they were categories, and I’ve been too lazy to change them around myself.

Also, due to the amount of scrolling, you may have noticed that I’ve split up the artist index as well into several clumps of the alphabet, so hovering your mouse over the link in the top bar should bring up a drop-down menu with all the options, or, if you’re on a mobile device, pressing menu should have them all listed under the Lyrics Directory header. I remember back when I first started Deungdutjai and I had so few different artists that I could put them all as categories in the side bar and you wouldn’t be scrolling for the end of eternity hahaha. But now, I don’t know about you, but I was getting really annoyed any time I had to scroll down to the S’s or T’s or anything else at the end of the alphabet while on my mobile, so hopefully the splitting up into different sections will help to alleviate some of the scrolling so you can get to whatever you’re looking for more quickly~

Though that being said, that means there’s now no longer any excuse for y’all to be requesting multiple songs that have already been translated long ago! 😉 Remember, if you don’t know the artist but/or know the Thai title of the song, you can always paste it in the search bar with quotes and it will search the site for you and let you know if it exists already or not~ 😛 So don’t be lazy! 😉

But, finally! With that behind me, I can focus on bettering the other sections, namely the Artist Spotlights and Album Reviews, so~
I also want to make it more graphic-friendly and cheerful looking, so I will be drawing more chubby elephants~ 😀
Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Another thing!! I just want to say that I’ve noticed WordPress has started adding ads along the side bar over the bottom of pictures. Sorry ^^;; I have no control over ad placements since I am still on the free-hosted WordPress server, so they needed to add the ads to cover the cost of hosting the site, and they decide where they go. So currently I’m saving up my portions of the ad revenues to move to my own server so I’d have more control over the layout and site in general. So bare with me, know that it’s not me going crazy with ads, and know I won’t let it get any worse than this~

Thank you again for all your lovely comments and support!! I feel like I don’t say that enough, especially when I try to reply to every comment I get, but I get so many that sometimes some may fall through the cracks, so even if I don’t reply, know I do read every single comment and your words of encouragement do mean a lot~ <3

– Tahmnong