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Title: Say Goodbye
Artist: Brandnew Sunset
Album: Say Goodbye
Year: 2010

Ja bplaum ja jing kae sasahn tummai dtut sin tee rahng gai
Be it fake or real, it’s just molecules, why judge the body?
อะไรที่ยังไม่พอก็ยังดิ้นรนไปจนได้ ไม่เคยเข้าใจ
Arai tee yung mai por gor yung din ron bpai jon dai mai koey kao jai
We still struggle with things that aren’t enough, I’ve never understood
Equalizer nai jai mun supson meuan lumphng dtaek
The equalizer in our hearts is mixed up like a broken loudspeaker

(*) สุภาพสตรี คนชรา ทำไมเอื้อเฝื้อเพราะต้อง อ่าน
Soopahpsadtree kon charah tummai eua feua pror dtaung ahn
Ladies and senior citizens, why help out because we must read?
แค่เศษทานไม่อยากล้วง แต่พอเที่ยงคืนชนหมดแก้ว
Kae set tahn mai yahk luang dtae por tee tiang keun chon mot gaeo
It’s just scraps of charity, but we don’t want to reach in, but as soon as it’s midnight, we’re clinking glasses
หลงลืมกับตัวเอง นับจากนี้ อยากจะทำให้มันดีกว่า
Long leum gup dtua eng nup jahk nee yahk ja tum hai mun dee gwah
Forget yourself, from now on, we want to make things better

(**) Say Goodbye กับสิ่งที่ไร้ค่า สิ่งที่ทำให้ในใจต้องหม่นหมอง
Say goodbye gup sing tee rai kah sing tee tum hai nai jai dtaung mon maung
Say goodbye to the worthless things, the things that make our hearts sad

Everything should forget And try your best everyday Start it over again แต่ถ้าไม่ทำมันจะสาย
Everything should forget and try your best everyday start it over again dtae tah mai tum mun ja sai
Everything should be forgotten, and try your best everyday, start it over again, but if you don’t, it’ll be too late
แค่เราเปิดใจ หากว่าฝันนั้นไม่ไกล อีกสักครั้งก็ต้องขอลอง
Kae rao bpert jai hahk wah fun nun mai glai eek suk krung gor dtaung kor laung
Just open your hearts, if your dream isn’t far off, once again we must try


สิ่งใดที่ทำผิดพลั้งก็…(ช่างมัน) WE WILL START AGAIN
Sing dai tee tum pit plung gor (chahng mun) we will start again
The things we messed up (screw it) we will start again


Sing dai tee tum pit plung gor (chahng mun)
The things we messed up (screw it)

Holy cowwwwww.
True to any update I try to do on my phone, it apparently didn’t go through, didn’t post my hiatus message, and didn’t close the comments on the request page.
Sorry for the long absence, I was away focused on studying for my immigration exam, but then the test kept getting delayed because of the virus again and again and again (and I still haven’t taken it), but I am just over studying and I miss speaking Thai and I miss this site and Thai music and all you guys, so I’m returning anyway! :’D

Sorry, with the request page, I just have to wipe it and start over, coming back to over 300 requests is too overwhelming to me when it was supposed to be closed ^^;; So if anyone still comes to this site, kindly repost any requests you’re still looking for, or any new songs I’ve missed since August or later (I’ll keep up with new releases from September, I promise >_>).

Once again, thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding, and big thanks for the couple of you who tried to help moderate the request threads while I was away~ <3 - Tahmnong

Sorry for disappearing longer than I anticipated…
After returning from vacation, two of my ferrets passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly, and it really kind of tore me up for a while. I did’t want to do anything for a while, and thus got behind in my studies for my immigration class, and I really need to do well on my upcoming test, so all my time needs to be spent studying, so I don’t think I’ll get a chance to update here until the end of the month~ >< Sorry for the delay~

I promise I’m still alive and will return soon~ :’D

– Tahmnong

Hey, all! ^^
I just want to take a moment to introduce Deungdutjai’s latest affiliate, ShopJJ!

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I hope this will be a useful resource for you guys looking to order Thai products abroad~ 😀
If you lose track of this post, the image link in the right-hand sidebar will always take you to the shop~

I didn’t quite get to finish the last few new releases that came out today, so they’ll (and all new releases and requests after that) will have to wait till next week, as I’ll be traveling back to Thailand this week 🙂
I’ll tentatively leave the request page open, but if I get overwhelmed with too many requests, I’ll close it so I don’t get too far behind. But I’ll keep an eye on all new releases and do them as soon as I return, so please no need to request them, I’ll get to them, just a little later this time~

Hope everyone is having a great summer/winter! 🙂
– Tahmnong

With the updating of the blog and cleaning up old, out-dated links, that also means sprucing up the resources and affiliates links as well.
So I’m happy to introduce a new addition to the resource page, a blog for language lovers and learners of any language,

Here you can find resources for not only learning Thai, but any other language you might be working on studying or considering picking up~
With new posts being added regularly, it’s definitely a good site to bookmark for any help towards your language learning goals.

Hey guys, a small request; If you happen across a page on here where the Youtube video has been removed/blocked from Youtube and isn’t accessible anymore, please let me know ASAP so I can replace the link/remove it~ Thank you~!

As a precaution as well, I’m going through and removing as many non-official youtube videos as I find too, since there’s always the danger they’ll be deleted in the future. So sorry if you might find many translations without Youtube or Gmember links now, but if there’s no official stream, I don’t want to risk it~

If there’s any more kind souls out there who actually want to go hunting for broken links/unofficial videos, the artists that begin with #s, A, and C-Z have already been cleaned up!
Edit: FINISHED! Thanks a whole bunch to everyone who pointed out any broken links, and especially a huge thank you to PRAEW ^__^ and Gay for going through hundreds of artists out of their own free will just to help me out ~

So, I’ll unpin this post from the top, but still, if you see any more broken links, please let me know ^^

Thanks for your help~ 🙂
– Tahmnong

I’m so sorry this took a while to post! It’s been a hectic past couple of weeks. But finally, here it is, with special thanks to for donating the prizes, to celebrate the new year, I have one copy of GMM Grammy’s Best of the Year 2016 to give away!

It comes with 2 CDs holding 30 of the top GMM Grammy hits of 2015, a karaoke DVD (region 9/region free) with karaoke videos of all the songs, and a pop-up 2016 calendar if you still need one for your desk~ (Pikachu helping me prop it up not included haha) I’ll leave it factory sealed unless anyone REALLY wants me to open it up and take a picture of the inserts~

Keep reading for the track list and how to enter!
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