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  1. Been confused for about 6 months, depressed to find another Thai good-listening song because I don’t understand any of those words, but really thank you, this web is so helpful

  2. I’ve been frequenting this site for well over a year already, and i thank you for all the accurate translations – is it them which taught me some simple thai phrases for me to communicate whenever i go to bangkok for holiday, albeit being poor linguistically i still can’t speak full sentences in pasa thai xD

    Cheers for you tahmnong, for all your efforts and sustaining this site without profiting.

    P.S – what does ดึงดูดใจ mean anyway?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and support!! ^_^ It really means a lot~ <3

      ดึงดูดใจ means like "appealing to the heart/soul," which is what I hope Thai music can become to everyone from all over the world with help from my translations so they can understand the meaning and emotions of the music~ 🙂

    • ดึงดูด means attract. ใจ means heart. When you put these words together in English, it’s like “attracts you heart” to come to check this website again 🙂

  3. Gold site! Awesome, so glad I found this. It allows me to reminisce on past trips and look forward to the one’s I’ve got to come, whilst learning a little Thai at the same time. Chok dee kap! – Keep up the good work!

  4. thank you for supporting my interest in thai music. With your help, I can understand the popular songs in your country. I love the songs very much.

  5. i really love this site!!! i visit this everyday… can’t get enough of Thai songs… :)) Thank you so much! yahooo! the best!

  6. This is so good! Know only very basic thai language and I wanted to know what songs were popular and this is a good place to know the songs. The translations are good also!

  7. i like this web so much after searching many and many times the good one to know more about thai music and also wanna learn thai languange more. You are the best. Ching ching…(is this right?). Khap khun khab!

  8. This is impressive. Translations seem great. I’m hopeless at learning Thai. Wow, wish I had someone near me who could translate so well, because it would help me understand better what’s going on around me every day. And when I do like a particular song, good to understand what the words actually mean. Thanks. Can you keep this going regularly?

  9. I meant to add that Google and Bing translations are pretty hopeless, mysterious and sometimes hilarious!

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  12. This is really great website!! thank you so much for your effort!!!! Really appreciate it and learn many thai now.

  13. This is an amazing piece of work !!!!
    I have used your work to help me to understand the pronunciation of Thai words.
    I have developed a liking for Thai music I have some favorites and I follow some here.

    Thank you.

  14. Why are all thai songs sad? So far I’ve found about 60 and all of them sad……….are there any happy, hopeful or optimistic thai songs?

  15. Hi! Where can I find this song “alone together” by a band I think was called “yellow Lang” … It has good 90s indie vibe to it so I want to download it. I am not a Thai so appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Sorry, this is a playlist so I’m not sure what song you’re referring to, but if this is a request, you’re posting in the wrong place for it

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  18. Hi admin and thai guests. I’ve been to Phuket last weekend and I couldn’t get over a particular thai song when this taxi we hitched played it over and over again for about 45 minutes ride from patong to siam niramit. The lyrics goes like this “Sai rati botching kaa!, sai rati .. kanrepan” is what i remembered. When I asked for the translation he said something like “you’ll never walk alone”, and he also noted that this is a famous song, no 1 in thai. The song is sung by a male artist and has a slow mellow start then louder at the chorus and some high notes.

  19. hi, i’ve been searching website to download latest thai love songs, and i’m still searching. recommend me some website. been watching MV’s and short films, i fell inlove with the songs, though i dont understand whenever i listen, thanks in advance. !

  20. I wanna search a song but I dont know the name of the song. One sentence of the lyrics is raw dek banban raw dek hinhu.. Can you help me search the song of the name ?? Thanks a lot

  21. i have no clue about this song,its a song played in club with girl vocal.and with rap part.need help*

  22. u can search in youtube or google –> มหาลัยวัวชน – วง พัทลุง

  23. Khop Jai Naa Krap for creating such a site. Now I can expand my thai song library. Had stayed in Chiangmai for one year and now I am back in Singapore working and have regard Thailand my second home since then. Keep up the good work.

  24. Heyhey,
    I have been to thailand for holiday and there was a song on the radio I’d love to find. For me the only word I can recall sounded like “Tigunai”, it was a slow song, I don’t know how recent it is…I know it’s not much but I hope you can help me.
    Thx and all the best!

  25. your site really helps me a lot on how to sing thai song thanks a lot guys…. can you share some links or site on how to download some thai midis with translated tittle too. have a wonderful week everyone.

    • Sorry, I haven’t heard of midis since monophonic phones went obsolete, so I have no idea where you’d find some

  26. Khop kun khrap…
    Pom chob music thailand khap..
    #lovefromindonesia still learning language thai by music and movies

  27. sawadee kha … can i request for the lyrics of the song NAI LUANG (IN YOUR HEART)’
    krub krun maak na kha in advance.

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  29. Thank you so much for your great translation, I always think that the Thai music videos are always done so amazingly with very touching stories. You really helped me a lot because now, I can appreciate it even more as I know the English translations now. Thank you!

  30. hi good day kindly please translate this song for me coz i really loved this song , มหาลัยวัวชน-วงพัทลุง… thank you in advance

  31. Many thanks to your website, I finally found the meaning of the song “jai glahng meuang”. Has been my favorite Thai songs since I was here for the past 3 months. Looking forwards for more beautiful Thai songs! Kap pun krap!!

  32. Sawatdee Khrap! Thanks for your translations! I’m from the Philippines and I’m a fan of 2 Moons The Series. Because of that I really wanted to know how to sing and pronounce words from their OSTs. Your website really helped me. Khob khun mak khrap! 🙂

  33. Man, you are back !! thank you for your work ! Besides, there is a link for donation on the site, but there’s no my country there – I’m from Russia 😉 I would be glad to help you a bit, just dont disappear please ! ขอบคุณมากครับ

  34. Hi Tahmnong! I love your blog so much, thank you for providing us the lyrics translation, and even the chart for popular songs! Can I ask you to recommend me Hip-hop songs/artist? I love hip-hop, but so far only urboyTJ that I find good. Lol. But you might know which artists is famous or good. Thank you so much!

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  36. thankyou so much i really enjoyed the song . and thansks to you i finally found my Love By chance series ost which i have been searching for

  37. Hello tahmnong, can you please write the Lyrics ” แสนรัก” saen ruk – Ford Tomchai ost Roy Marn 2000…

  38. This will always be my go-to website for thai songs lyrics. This is also how I learn Thai – through the lyrics! Your work has benefitted many international thai song lovers! Keep up the good work!

    – Rae (Singapore)

  39. hi, hello. could you please help me? I’m looking for a song which translation is something like “the more we love the further we are apart”. it’s kinda an old song. three years back i guess. I’m not sure. It’d really help me. Thank you.

  40. Why is there no lyric for the song thang pahn by pure?i like this song very much but when i clicked the link it directs to the youtube song

  41. Awesome blog! I always struggle to find a good source for the current top Thai songs. I had no idea FFK had a new song out <3 I will definitely be visiting your blog often. I started listening to Thai music about 9 years ago. I love Candy Mafia and Seven Days, wish they were still around. My recent finds that I am in love with are 9×9, Trinity, and RedSpin. I also like bands and soloists, as well as idol groups. Hoping to find some more songs I like from your blog. Thank you!

  42. Hi! I have been looking everywhere for a decent Thai website for Thai releases! This is perfect! I have a Youtube channel and make reaction videos for Thai music! Youtube.com/mickeydubb

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  45. Great information, we also offer royalty free music for commercial use. Since we create and sell the music directly from our 2 composers there is no question as to its legality and a purchase supports 2 real musicians with no middle man. Come check us out next time you need music for your next great information.

  46. Hi.. I’m from indonesianplease shere sound fx glitch or which relates to recording audio transition effects (freecopyright) :)thanks for his attention

  47. Well I knew like three of these sources and I’m glad u gave a simplified version of the “”Creative Commons”” thing It was hard when I tried to have read at it Also I’m glad to know more websites for music now Great video And very simple.

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  52. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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