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  1. I’ve been trying to find more thai translation sites, and this one is one of the best I’ve found! ^^ I’d love to exchange links with you.

  2. ahhh i’m so happy to find an English translations site. i’m glad to see your name around again. it seems you don’t go on your youtube, and your other website doesn’t work anymore. so i’m glad i’ve found this!! you are truly a great help. =]

    • Ohh I remember you from Youtube too!! Sorry, my Youtube channel has 2 strikes now, so I had to remove most of my videos because I don’t want to lose my account with all my favorites and subscriptions. 🙁 So I’m just waiting for the strikes to go away and I’ll turn it into a learning Thai channel or something~

      But glad you found me again! ^_^ I’ll link to your blog here 😀

      • ahh thank you, and aww, really, well that could explain why you haven’t been uploading, but i can’t wait for your channel to get rid of the strikes. =] good luck to you with that!!

    • Eek! I’m not sure why I didn’t see this comment before 0_0 I’m sorry for the late reply, but of course I’ll add you to the affiliate list! 😀

    • I don’t know what that is. All request must include both title and artist, and a Youtube link if possible

  3. Hi, pleas if someone know tell me name of this singer. Im desperate. I found him i think around 3 years back im not sure exactly when it was his debute mv he has blond hair there and some of the lyrics was eeny meeny miny moe and i got 99 problems you wont be one. Please help me find him.

      • Im like 99% sure. Im sure its not korean and i dont think it was chines. But it was a long time ago so maybe im wrong. Anyway thanks for reply.

        • Well, it had to have been 2011 or later, since that’s when the American song with those lyrics came out, and the only Thai singer who I can ever remember having blonde hair in that time period was Ice Sarunyu for one single that I know didn’t have any English in it, so I don’t think it’s from Thailand, sorry :/

  4. ไม่เคย – 25hours「Official MV」please send me with thai english lyrics. i love this song so much

  5. Is there someway to download a PDF of all the songs on your site? I would happily pay 500 baht for it. I’m afraid what will happen if this site ever goes down… I couldn’t bear losing all the lyrics, I’m learning lots of the song on guitar.

    • I wonder how big a 6000 page PDF would be.. I also wonder how long that would take me to compile haha as of now, such a thing does not exist. But I have no intention of removing my site anytime soon~

  6. how about the lyrics will it help you

    น้องอย่าฝืนหัวใจ ปล่อยมันไปตามต้องการ
    บ่ต้องเสียเวลาเเสดง บ่ต้องเเกล้งทำเป็นว่าฮักกัน
    หากว่าเหงาจังได่สิอดเอา ให้เหล้าขาวมันล้างดอกหัวใจ คันเจ้าสิไป ดึงเอาไว้จั่งไดกะบ่อยุ่
    บ่ได้เพ้อบ่ได้งมงาย มันบ่ตายดอกเเค่ขาดเธอ
    สิเอาคุมาโตงดอกน้ำตา บ่เเม่นว่าฮ่องไห้เเต่มันไหล บ่เจ็บปานได
    หากว่าเหงาจังไดสิอดเอา ให้เหล้าขาวมันล้างดอกหัวใจ
    คันเจ้าสิไป ดึงเอาใว้จังไดกะบ่อยู่

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