24 comments on ““เจ็บแค่ไหนก็ยังรักอยู่ (Jep Kae Nai Gor Yung Ruk Yoo)” by Yes’sir Days ft. Fymme Bongkot

  1. Thank you for the wonderful translation! Can you please write in thai what the mom said.. Something like: “yut phe le chai lao” 🙂 thanks

      • Starting at 4:03 🙂 but if you can also translate the whole conversation between mom and girlfriend, that would be awesome! Thanks!

        • Like any responsible mother, she’s telling the girl to stop being so melodramatic, that she doesn’t have any kids so she doesn’t understand, and the girl, being the naive melodramatic kid she is with no concept of priorities or the future gives the old “but we’re so in loveeee!” To which the mom replies psh, you don’t know what love is, stop being so crazily naive. Kids. 😛

  2. Thanks, this help me understand this song alot. but i think you left out the last phrase.
    ห้ามใจอย่างไรไม่รู้ ให้ฉันหยุดรักเธอไปสักที

    it’s nearly same, could anyone translate for me?

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