10 comments on ““Stars” by the Toys

    • I guess the cover artist decided to change the ending for his own version? You’d probably have to contact them for their lyrics/permission ^^

  1. Thank youuu. Your translation indeed really help his international fans like me can you please translate lalaloy song?

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    • You’re right. There is a verse that’s missing. The lyrics on this page is basically the single version of the song. The full version that’s on his Sun album and the version in the officially lyrics video has a whole other verse. 🙂

      This is my rough translation of that missing verse for you

      But through the nights and even ordinary days…
      I’m still like this, though I know it’s not really good
      I’m staring absentmindedly at the skies
      At at this moment, you’re probably asleep…
      Embracing him while dreaming sweetly

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