12 comments on ““กึ่งยิงกึ่งผ่าน (Blend In)” by Porsche V.R.P and Angie Kamikaze

  1. Does “Geung Ying Geung Pahn” really translate to the English title they gave it (Blend In)? Or does it mean something else? Because the English title they gave it really has nothing to do that much with the song.

    • Sorry, let me clarify. I mean, which sport is it a term in? I know you don’t know much about what it means, but do you know where they use it? Like, tennis, football, or basketball or something like that? Or is it just used in sports in general?

      • I’ve only heard it in soccer, but maybe it can be used in other team sports. If I understand correctly, it’s when you set up a play to make it look like you’re going to shoot, then you pass to someone, or you look like you’re going to pass and you shoot from far away. I guess they chose the weird title “Blend In” to go with that notion of the other team not being able to tell what you’re planning, as the girl doesn’t know what move the guy is going to take, and the guy doesn’t know what move the girl has planned

  2. i really dont get how does the title match with the song???
    but any way i like it…its cute n i love the dance more <3

  3. @Tahmnong

    Did you know Angie has a new song called See You Soon and it’s on Mono Music’s channel on youtube? Her singing has improved. I guess she’s signed to Mono now? Beside her name in the video title it says (แองจี้ Gelato)? By any chance would you know what this means?

    • Yeahh~~ Gelato is Mono music’s girl singer project haha, a bunch of girls trained and debuted under it, singing solo or put together in duos or trios~
      I’m happy Angie is still finding work and furthering her career after Kamikaze ^^

        • Nope~ The Korean half of the branch closed several years ago, but the Thai branch is still going strong ~ Just been focusing less on Korean-style pop and more Thai-style

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