9 comments on ““Please” by Atom Chanagun

  1. รู้ฉันสู้เขาไม่ไหว เทียบกับใครที่เธอมี
    Roo chun soo kao mai wai tiap gup krai tee tur mee
    I know I can’t fight him, compared with the someone you have

    For a better translation for non-Thai visitors, I suggest the better word choice for this sentence should be 🙂

    “I know I can’t compete with him, the person that you love”

  2. Hi! Thank you for providing the lyrics. I really like this song since i heard it last year. I hope you have many thai songs that translated in english and also have the phasa thai that written in alphabet form like this one. More powers to you!

  3. Thank you for the lyrics in english. It’s crazy I have been listening to this song for 2 years and didn’t know the lyrics. Now I know them and they are exactly related to my current situation…

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