4 comments on ““อยากมอง (Yahk Maung)” by Tong Pukkaramai

  1. I can still remember when this song was first released. I was sitting in a traffic jam in Bangkok with a taxi driver who had his “cassette tape” (remember them?) set to play this song over and over and over…..

    Khun Tahmnong; one minor typo in the Album Name – you have “transliterated” ตอง as Tong – I think the album name was Need Two Eyes?

    Album: ตองสองตา / Dtaung Saung Dtah (Tong Two Eyes)

    Thank you for great job keeping us all updated with the new and not so new Thai songs. Bruce

    • Thank you for your comment and support ^^

      Of course I still remember cassette tapes hahaha, I still have a collection of ’em myself somewhere haha 😀

      As for the album title, ต้อง means “to have to [do something]”, but ตอง is just Tong’s name, therefore the album title translates to “Tong: Two Eyes” 🙂

  2. …..ah – I should have had my glasses on; I thought I saw a “mai too” (ต้) there. Thanks for the eyesight test and the Thai lesson. 🙂

    • Hahaha no worries, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve confused อ้ and อั without my glasses 😛 More than I’d be willing to admit hahaha

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