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  2. Thank you for translating this song! It’s so darn catchy and fast; a little too fast for a beginner like me to try and catch every word. It was hard to make sense of some sentences. And just love the use of the Hormones cast!

    BTW regarding the word “FIN”…it’s a new slang word for couples. I think it originated from lakorns / movies. People use to call well matched onscreen couples like Kob-Num / Ann-Ken, Koo Kwans, but new fans are starting to use the terms Koo-Jin and Koo-Fin. Don’t know if Jin and Fin have any Thai meaning, but Jin is from the word Imagine (a couple who may not be dating, but is so well matched, people are cheering them be paired often/ or to even date). Koo-Fin, fin meaning, end? Fin is used for a couple who are really sweet with each other, fans will also cheer for Koo-fins? So I guess this song is saying he’s sweeter with her than anyone else, or wants to end up with her more than anymore else.

    • Ooo thanks for the explanation!! Nice to see how the words are currently being used~ 😀 I didn’t know people were using “jin” like that nowadays~

      Actually, though, I think “fin” is just used like “Awesome” because I’m seeing everyone on Facebook use it right and left about everything now, so I don’t think it’s restricted to couples. According to this website (http://board.postjung.com/681565.html) The way I understand it is that it’s supposed to be short for “finale” , but is used in the sense of “tip of the top” or like “ending with the best,” same idea like “soot yaut” ~ So I guess the new teenage fans are just saying the couple is the best of the best haha

      I hate slang that’s based on misused English haha xD I think I’ll be old and stick with “soot-yaut”

      • I see. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I think I’ve grasp the whole koojin thing, but was still unclear what exactly “fin” really meant.

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