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  1. Was this their only song? I remember seeing this back in 2012 way before I knew what Thai Music was, but I never heard from them again?

    • It’s the only one I can think of haha. If I remember correctly, they were pretty open with the fact that they were rich and their parents bought their audition, so public response wasn’t friendly, and next thing you know they were dropped haha, though I’m not sure if it’s because fans were angry or because they were candid about buying their way in (even though everyone knows that’s standard for most KZ kids haha). I think one of the girls was in Seven Days 2, though, right? Though that group only lasted for one single too haha

      • Yeah, I think it was the one called Boom in 7 days 2. Why did 7 days 2 only have one single? The first 7 days had alot of songs and even full albums.

          • What is April Fools Day? Not the actual day, but I mean, in relation to Kamikaze (Yes, I found your old Facebook post of this song where you mentioned it lol)? Was it the April girl in this group, or something else? And, what about Ning-Ping and Fact U of Kamikaze?

            • April Fool’s Day was the most ridiculous band to have ever existed. They were Kamikaze’s first boy “rock band,” but in their debut single, all they did were literally bang on the instruments and scream in a monotone voice that cracked whenever the guy tried to change notes. I think they were supposed to be a “punk” band, but you literally couldn’t watch the video without cringing and/or busting out laughing, so the group was immediately dropped and rarely ever mentioned as former KZ artists hahaha.

              Nink-Pink were a sister duet that played guitar and sang along, but naturally, because they were actually talented, they didn’t last long on KZ haha. They’re indie now and doing their own thing. And Fact-U I’ve never heard of before haha

              • Fact U (formerly Square Sircle-yes, spelled like that) was an all boy rock band that played instruments that was supposed to debut but never truly did, so we never got to hear what they sounded like. Too bad, I was kinda curious if they would have sucked or not haha. So, until you told me this, I thought Fact-U was supposed to be KZ’s first rock band or whatever. Unless it turns out April Fools day and Fact U are actually the same?? Was April Fools Day 5 guys? So, basically, April Fool’s Day were a failed attempt at screamo/hardcore. As least that’s what it sounds like. Lol, that’d be nice to see just for a laugh. And maybe to put on an internet cringe compilation.

                I never saw anything from Nink-Pink, except they were in one one “All Kamikaze” song from way back, where they are labeled as “Ning-Ping” for some reason. That’s the only Kamikaze video they are on that you can search. Sad, because now that you say they were good, I want to hear them. Are they signed to an indie label? Or indie as in unsigned?

                Also, are there any good screamo bands in Thailand (or, if you don’t personally like screamo, good for “screamo” standards, or at least ones that are kind of popular)? Because, in my opinion, screamo can be good if done correctly. It’s rare, but it happens.

                • Perhaps April Fools Day was the same band? I’m not sure haha I don’t remember if they had 4 members or 5~ But either way, if they were training them for that long, not debuting them, and then they did debut them and they flopped that hard…ouch hahaha.

                  Nink had a whole solo album with Kamikaze before she was dumped/quit and now she and her sister just do stuff, mainly covers,on their own on Youtube/Facebook.

                  As for screamo, Retrospect and Sweet Mullet are the most popular. And I personally like Brandnew Sunset and Kluaythai myself ^^

                  • Well I know Fact U was 4 members as Square Sircle, than they added the fifth and became Fact U, but apparently they had a name change after that, too, though I couldn’t find out what it was (so it’s probably AFD). Literally nothing about them actually debuting is on the Kamikaze YouTube. It’s kind of just them doing band practice or whatever, and the lead singer sounds bad, so yeah, it’s prob them haha.

                    Could you please link me to Nink-Pink’s YT and FB? I googled and couldn’t find it. And, did Nink have a music video or anything when she had her solo album?

                    • Hahahaha, I can just see Kamikaze staff whistling innocently and twiddling their thumbs as they try to unsuspiciously walk away after shoving AFD under the rug and pretending they never existed hahaha

                      And Nink and her sister are going by the name “The Piams” now~ Here’s their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepiams/?ref=profile

                      And yes, Nink’s entire album had a karaoke VCD to go with it~ 🙂 I’ve translated her whole album on Deungdutjai already~

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