15 comments on ““กะทันหัน (Gatun Hun)” by LowFat ft. Fymme Bongkot and Ruj Suparuj

  1. Hi, can you give me the website link where I can downlod the mp3? It’s hard to find one, thanks before!

    • If you check the video description on Youtube, there’s links to download it from iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon :3

  2. Ever since i’ve watched Sotus the Series Krist and Singto is my favorite actors..And they are my role model and my inspiration

  3. Hello, may I ask is “mai” pronounced as “mee” instead of like “my”? I thought mai dai is “my die” but most of the “-ai” I hear as “-ee”? Sorry I am new and trying to learn.

    For example, แปลกแต่จริง สิ่งนี้ไม่น่าจะเกิดขึ้นกับฉัน
    Bplaek dtae jing sing nee “mai” nah ja gert keun gup chun

    I keep hearing as “mee” instead of “my”? Thanks if you happen to see this!

    • It should be pronounced like the English word “my”, you are correct ^^
      However sometimes when speaking fast or lazily, it can be slurred and sound closer to “mee,” but that’s just poor pronunciation/annunciation 🙂 Similar to saying like “gonna” or “wanna” in English

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