2 comments on ““ทิ้งเขาซะ (Leave Him)” by K-Otic

  1. Aww, so sweet of your boyfriend. May I ask if your boyfriend is Korean? That’s really grateful of him to work along with you to make this song translation possible.

    I honestly don’t really listen to these newer generation boy band musics, but I must admit that this particular song was really unique. I liked how they collaborate the Thai, Chinese, and Korean language so well that it made the song flow so smooth for a upbeat song. I enjoyed it. Thank to you and your boyfriend! 🙂

    • Yeahh he’s Korean 😛 But he hates boybands and pop groups of any kind, but especially Kpop hahaha
      Normally he refuses to help me with things like this, but because the lyrics online included the Korean lyrics, he agreed since he could just read it and not have to listen to it hahaha

      I’m the same way as you, I don’t really care much for any of RS’s Kamikaze kids, but there is something about this song that I do like for some reason haha xD I’m not sure what it is~

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