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    • Yes, they both mean the spiritual sense of a heart, just depends on how many syllables you want to use haha. Although “hua jai” can refer to the literal blood-pumping organ as well~

  1. hai, sawadde khaa..
    i’m from Indonesia. and i’m so interested with thailand because Indonesia and Thailand culture is almost the same. time, and the same culture with the city of Palembang in Indonesia. i like the thailand film,drama series,and music thailand. Kamikaze, i really like kamikaze, but the lyrics of all the songs kamikaze does’nt have romanization so i’m sad, because i want sing thailand pop,but i’m not can do that. so please, translation the all song kamikaze to romanization. i’m very happy if you make it happens:). thank you, khop khun khaa:)

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