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  1. Sawadee Melody,

    It’s been a while since the last time I requested anything from u 😛

    I just wonder if u happen to know a Thai song about Malay/ Kuala Lumpur, where the lyrics/tranlations somehow goes like this: “Malay, Malay…buying a ticket to go to Kuala Lumpur”

    It’s a song in the latest movie Friend Zone, I tried searching it on the internet but could not find any result. Appreciate if u could share the song if u know it, but it’s ok if u dont.

    Hope you are having a good time, kob kun krub 🙂

    • The song you linked to is not by Violette, please specify which song you’re looking for

  2. Hi! I would like to request for a translation of this song. I know this is kinda old but I hope you can do this. Thanks in advance!

    ไม่รัก…ก็บ้า – มอส ปฏิภาณ
    Here’s the link from YouTube

  3. Hi, could you please translate the song ฉันเห็น by Nat Sakdatron, thanks

  4. hey , can you translate this song — > เลิกคุยทั้งอำเภอเพื่อเธอคนเดียว – ลิลลี่ ได้หมดถ้าสดชื่น Feat.เก้า เกริกพล

    thank you very much ~

  5. Hi, could you please help translate this song คำสั่งฟ้า (เพลงประกอบละคร ประกาศิตกามเทพ) – แนน วาทิยา

    Really wanna know the accurate meaning of the lyrics and wanna learn to sing this song.

    Thanks very much! ขอบคุณมาก 🙂

    • Ops, I’m so sorry that I’ve sent the wrong link. Here’s the right one

      2) AIM SATIDA – สำคัญอยู่ไหม

  6. Hi guys. Greetings and thanks for the topics that you romanize from Thai to English.
    I write to you to ask if you can subtitle the PINPIN theme which is the ost of THE BEST TWINS THE SERIES?
    I will appreciate the help to this request.
    Greetings from Ecuador

    Artist and theme: เพ้อ – Pinpin [OST. The Best Twin – รักจิ้น ฟินเฟร่อ]

    Link video:

  7. Hi, can you help me translate this song together with the lyrics as well. TQ❤
    โทษฐานทำน่ารักใส่ by BOY

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