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  1. Hi there..

    I just wanna say that what u did here is awesome.. I’m not a Thai and I just got interest in your country’s music industry.. This is cool.. Thanks~~ ^^

    Keep up the good work.. You got my support~~ xD

  2. Hello! Tahmnong,
    i just wanna say THANK YOU so much!
    what you do is really helpful for the people who don’t know Thai but enjoy the Thai music a lot.
    please keep doing this amazing job >_^

  3. Thanks for all your amazing work and for deciding to share! I’m always looking for English translations to great Thai songs, and have had a lot of difficulty in the past, that is, until I found your site! I will definitely let my friends know about your site. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

      • Hi Tahmnong i recently came back from Thailand and while i was in Bangkok I’ve purchased a Cd from the night market and there was this one song that got my attention, I always listen to it when was driving out to temples on the country side, I’ve try’d using shazam but it never went threw and to make things worst I have left the Cd’s in Bangkok 🙁 and i have spent ages looking for that song I will try my best to spell out the chorus, it goes by “rat fan gau ma tao rai” sorry if it doesn’t sound right to you, It is a male singer and my friend knows a little bit of Thai and he told me it has something to do with: what am i to you as an ex boyfriend/girlfriend or what is my love to you something like that, i really hope i gave you enough info on the song as i am dying to find it I am looking for and let me know if i could give you more info, and cant wait for your reply 🙂


  4. Hi Tahmnong,

    Your blog is awesome! Thanks for translating and putting up the lyrics together. It’s much more easier to find thai lyrics with your contribution.
    khob khun mak mak.


  5. Oh. I’m sorry. I was just that excited, But I really don’t know what to say.. 🙂 Thanks a lot Sir! Godbless! Nice to meet you! 😉 Take Care! 😀

  6. ไม่เก่งภาษาอังกฤษ ขอคอมเม้นเป็นภาษาไทยนะคะ ชอบมากๆเลยที่แปลเพลงไทยเป็นอังกฤษ
    ชอบแอบเข้ามาดูบ่อยๆค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้นะคะ ^^

    • ขอบคุณมากๆๆเลยค่ะ สำหรับกำลังใจ ^-^
      เม้นคุณทำให้ดีใจมากๆ ที่ได้รู้ว่าคนไทยชอบบล็อกนี้ด้วย
      ถ้าเคยมีรีเควส มาเม้นนะคะ ^3^ <3

  7. Thank so much for Noey Senorita’s song. I am from Myanmar. I love this web so much. But I want to ask you , why I can’t find Dragon5’s songs?

    • Do you mean their CDs? Dragon 5 is a pretty old group and have been disbanded for 10 years now. While they are still one of my favorite Thai boybands, sadly their CDs are out of print and not many people know who they are anymore 🙁

      Or do you mean you can’t find their translated lyrics on my site? That’s because no one has requested any yet, and I’ve been too busy and never got around to translating them for myself yet! 😛

  8. Yayyyy Tahmnong! I love the new look of this blog…and the new Facebook page! 🙂 Hahah today I just feel that I can’t leave without dropping a comment. Loveeee the header. and the elephant 😀

    • Awwwe, you’re so sweet, thank you so much!! ^__^ Your comment makes me so happy haha~ Glad I’m not the only one who likes chubby elephants! 😀

  9. Thanks for taking the trouble to translate these lyrics. Its a very nice way to improve my knowledge of the thai-language. Learning with music is a very good way to help memorize and improve skills.
    Very much appreciated.

  10. Hey, I’m american and I really like the new song “คนหมดใจ รั้งให้ตายก็ไปอยู่ดี”. I went through the song and wrote up some English pronunciations that line up a bit more with the sounds she makes (at least from my perspective). I hope you can find them useful:

    Motjai shehmaishun maydungtahm tagudai
    Gupro tunuhntum haishun hentahn gahngratum
    Turmay kaipoot wah mayrak buwleh sengchun loey sukahm
    Dah—gaankong tahtee tum bokdung lewgun

    Japai teenai dongmai meeshen dun-kuhn-kaahn
    Pootjong pootjah gun-daewla krung mundoo mahngman
    Gohdong yomrup kwombenpai tahngsoot taitee dongpachern
    Koebloy meulay yom hay-turn daydern aukbai

    Konmot chai rong haydai gobai yoodee
    Rong hai nondaiyoo trongnee
    Turgoh maimee wun blinjai
    Konmot rakmun maidee danpay jah kondai
    Maywah jatum yunggai gohfehn kunmah maydai eeklaeo

    Jahk wundee singtee shundong tuhmhaydai utuhm jai wah torbai jamaimeetah

    One of the main changes I made was I took out the spaces between syllables that didn’t appear to have any pause between them. I’m sure these lyrics betray my complete lack of understanding of the thai language, but it makes the song way easier to sing along with.

    • If all you’re wanting to do is sing along, then use whatever system of romanization you like~ :3

      Thai is a mon-syllabolic language, meaning most words are only one syllable, so taking out the spaces mushed a lot of words together haha 😛 Also Thai has 32 different vowels, which are hard to convey with English’s 19, so I feel like with your romanization you’re pronouncing vowels with subtle differences as the same. For example, you seem to translate “tur” เธอ, which has an “ur” or “er” sound like the end of “sweatER” as “ta” ธา, which makes me wonder how do you tell the difference between ทะ (ta) ทา (tah) ทัอ (tuh) and แท (tae) then?

      If it helps you to sing better, then by all means, use it~ 🙂 But the standard Thai romanization I use helps to better separate all 32 vowels and differentiate consonants like dt ต and t ท so those who are using my translations to aid in learning the language can learn accurate pronunciations and better differentiate between the different sounds~ 🙂

  11. Just stumbled upon this website and am in love with it. It’s so hard to find blogs dedicated to Thai songs and dramas since there’s not alot of interests in the culture in comparison to Kdrama, Kpop, Japanese, etc (there’s literally so many websites/blogs dedicated to those). So, thank your for your hard work. I’ve bookmark this page and will continue coming since I love Thai songs and it’s hard for non-Thai speaker like me to find the latest songs and translations. Many thanks~

  12. Hi Tahmnong!
    I just want to tell you that youre doing a great job. Thanks for being awesome!
    Keep it up.

  13. Hi there. I’m staying in Thailand for almost 3 months now and I am engrossed and completely attracted to your country; culture, lifestyle and your pop music.

    If I may ask, and I think this is too much but would still ask it anyway, if you could include the background of how the artist came up with the song. Somewhat like giving me an idea of how the song is started and completed, it would obviously help me out, a non-Thai to appreciate the song more.

    I am hoping you would consider this petty request.

    User: adlserino on Line and Twitter

    • Thank you for your comment and support! I hope you’re having fun in Thailand~ 🙂

      Also thank you for your suggestion! It would be interesting to include backgrounds of a song, but I think this would be a difficult request to fulfill because most songs don’t have a published lengthy biography of how they were inspired, and I don’t know where I would find such information.

      Also, I hope I’m not shattering some idealistic vision here, but most Thai artists are just a pretty face and good voice to market the song, and the actual lyrics were written by someone else behind the scenes, so the songs aren’t necessarily related to specific instances or experiences in an artist’s life, they just show up to sing it for the person who likes writing lyrics, but may not have the voice or looks to be famous.

  14. Hi ! Great job done here , i`ve also been to your other sites and they are great too .

    P.S ( how many languages can you understand exactly )

    • Awwwe thank you! I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time for my Japanese and Chinese blogs haha :X I need to get back to them~

      I am only fluent in English and Thai, my Mandarin is advanced-upper intermediate, my Japanese is intermediate, I speak broken Spanish with my mom since I never learned academically, I took a year of Russian in university, and right now I’m working on Korean since I’m moving there in a couple months~ 🙂

  15. ไม่มีอะไรจะคุยกับเธอ – แสน นากา [Official MV]

    Are these 2 songs translated already? Can’t seem to find in your database. I can’t read Thai and don’t even know the band names.

  16. Woah, what you’ve done deserves big appreciation as it could help Thai to promote their culture as well. Though I’m not a Thai, I thank you a lot!

    (P.S I wanted to post this on ‘requesting’ but I thought this is more like a question than a request so hereby what I’d like to ask you.) Do you know what the background music was used in Yes Or No 2 (precisely at the scenes about Kim and Pie)? It’s a piano instrumental bgm.
    I searched for it through some websites and got no result 🙁
    Thank you so much 🙂

  17. Hi Tahmnong,

    You have still not corrected the first line of Ying Thitikarn’s song “Yom-Jum-Non-Fah-Din” – it is incomplete. Also, I have started receiving e-mail notices of new posts which I do not want and I delete them unopened. Do NOT notify me of follow-up comments or new posts, thank you. I do not have time to waste on unnecessary e-mails.



    • Sorry, I’ve only just got back from vacation with spotty internet access yesterday and had to work a 12 hour work day today, I’ll get to it soon~
      And if you don’t want E-mail notices of new posts, unsubscribe. I have no control over who subscribes to what, and I can’t unsubscribe you for you. Just open one of those unnecessary E-mails you’re deleting and click the “manage subscriptions” link, then you can unsubscribe yourself by changing your notification settings to none~
      You have all the power, so please don’t get mad at me or this blog ka, there is literally nothing I can do on my end.

  18. Hi, Khun Tahmnong. I am usually too lazy to leave a comment or a message, but I feel I have to now! What you do here is so awesome that I can’t find a word to describe how I am impressed.
    After I received a reply from you about my question on Da Endorpine’s song a few days ago, ( which I had not expected to receive so soon ) I read all of your work on Da’s songs then became interested in the translator herself, too, because I was amazed by your translation, by word choice, especially when you interpret abstract ideas/notions. ( I hope it doesn’t sound patronizing.) Nobody else could do better than you. I will find your Japanese blogs, too.

    khonlanna, Japan

    • Awwwe, thank you so much for your comment!! It means so much to know you feel that way >////< I like the puzzle challenge of trying to translate the songs while still retaining the original emotion and feelings behind them, so I'm glad my effort is noticeable!

      Hahaha, I haven't had time to update my Japanese blog in a long time, I need to get back to that~

      But thank you again~ messages like these are what makes me want to keep updating this site! ^3^

      • Oh, don’t be bothered about your Japanese blog. You must be up to your ears with Thai-to-English lyric translation requests from people like me!

  19. Omg~ this site is perfect ^^ you even have translations of Timethai songs (he is my favorite Thai singer) I will definitely use this site as a way to discover more Thai singers, and to learn some Thai in the future. Thanks for all your hard work 🙂

  20. I am very new to this, and there’s alot to take in at once. However, I am very interested in both the language and the music, as it shows a completely different culture than what I am used to. If you don’t mind me asking, why are you so fluent in english, aswell as in (i presume) thai? Obviously I don’t understand a word of thai, but I like the sound of it. I really wanna go to Thailand once I get the time and money for a proper trip 🙂 Also, have you made music yourself? Anyways, you got a like from me. Have a nice day 🙂

  21. Hi, I’m writing from Indonesia. My Name Fergianto.
    I Need you big favour…Could you translate the song from Got Jakrapun with the title Sed-tha-kij harn song : เศรษฐกิจหารสอง , to me in phonetic character.
    My wife love so much this song.
    Thank you very much and waiting your good news.

  22. สั้นๆง่ายๆ รักเว็บนี้ค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้นะค้ะ

  23. Hey 🙂 I writing from Malaysia. I am Siamese but not Siamese… this is because I don’t even know a single thing about Thai not even know how to read and write. I keep asking my parents why I don’t know Thai? why they doesn’t want to send me to Thai lesson? and I always receive the same answers ” I’m busy” I get really frustrated because whenever I go back to my village, I will always have the trouble of communication. So, I get really frustrated until one day I tried to learn Thai from the internet but that doesn’t help much because …. you know.. there’s just images and sounds. But I managed to catch up and now i’m able to communicate well but i’m still learning~

    My parents said that my love for Thailand is too much. Is it? I just love their languages, food, cultures, place, songs, dance and also Thai people! Is that too much? Since I love Thai songs a lot, I also on the internet trying to find the romanization or lyrics so I can sing with. so one day I found this websites deungdutjai.com. I am really into it and I fall in love with this websites because all i’m searching for is here! im so happy and I just want to say thank you thank you so much for opening such a beautiful websites. without you I be depressed, I mean really really depressed because I can’t find lyrics ~~ And I hope you will continue translating songs and don’t shut down this blog.

    So, ขอบคุณมาก! < I just learn it. haha 😀

  24. ขอเพลงได้ไหมคะ ชอบเพจของพี่ๆมาก ติดตามอยู่ตลอด เป็นกำลังใจให้นะคะ สู้ๆ

    ถ้าพอจะมีเวลาว่าง รบกวนช่วยแปลเพลง เสียงลมหายใจ ของ ปราโมท ให้หน่อยได้ไหมคะ

    ขอบคุณล่วงหน้าคะ 🙂

  25. Awesome ! Thank You Tahmnong !!

    Love Thai King , Love Bodyslam , Love Your Work !

    Keep it coming ! =)

  26. You are awesome!!! Those who like to sing along with all the nice songs will love you so much. love you!

  27. Loving your site ma’am. . thanks for translating. .
    now i finally understand the meaning of the songs i like XD

    by the way do you perhaps know a Music Video of a young guy who is shy courting a girl?
    i think the boy is a singer. . i really want to know what that song means. .

  28. Hi just wanted to say thank you for translating Yah Toh Mah Hah by Prik Thai so quickly for me! I needed the lyrics for a mash up cover I did on it with the Hmong Version by Youa Xiong. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! It would mean alot to me 🙂

  29. hello,

    What’s the girl’s name on this video?

    “สุขเป็นร้อย เจ็บเป็นล้าน (Sook Bpen Roy Jep Bpen Lahn)” by Pang Nutnicha


  30. Hello There,
    Would like to say thank you so much for all the translation. I am in love with Thai song and have been trying to do some cover songs on Thai music… was looking for a good link for the translation in English and pronunciation. And I found this website.. appreciate it a lot.. Will do “Stamp ft Palmy song Gala Krang Neung” soon…. cheers mate
    … Kob khun mak mak na ka….

  31. I like your site very much, but i found it can be perfect for Thai Language Learner if you can put the suggested idea (First 3 rows below are copied from your website, i found out if you can add the sample last row, then it will be perfect for Thai Language Learner) below :

    รักใครสักคน ขนใจทุ่มไป ไม่นานก็โดน ถูกโยนทิ้ง
    Ruk krai suk kon kon jai toom pai mai nahn gor dohn took yohn ting
    Whenever I love anyone, they take my heart, drop it, and before long, abandon it

    Ruk-Love Krai-Who Suk Kon-Someone AND GOING ON……

    • Sorry, that would take absolutely forever to type out for each line, and would get even more dicey conidering I don’t translate things literally, I translate them for meaning, so an exact word-for-word translation wouldn’t make much sense. I already take the time to translate line by line, i think that is as separate as i will get. My site is meant to be an extra resource for learning Thai, but not a primary one. Learning from songs is useless for learning proper grammar or conversational sentence structure, but it’s good for practicing comprehension when things aren’t in textbook grammar. For beginners levels, You can check out the Facebook page for a Thai Word of the Day taken directly from song lyrics, or take advantage of any of the learning Thai resources in my affiliates 🙂 and, of course, there’s plenty more to be found online already~ but thank you for the suggestion anyway ^-^

  32. Hello,

    I am not Thai, but I really like your blog and Thai music! I hope to study abroad there this upcoming Fall. Keep up the good work! Much love and support from California!

  33. This site is super Awesome… 5555
    u help me a lot… i could improve my pronounce and i learn a lot of new words…
    thanks a lot…

    khob khun mak mak khap…

  34. Thank you for your translations, it allows me to understand the Thai songs I appreciate a lot. You’re great, good luck.

  35. Hello. I am a high school teacher and I have a new student from Thailand in my class. He speaks little English. He has a special project to do and he needs the English translation for the Karen Song (Lonely) by Klo Say Moo. Any help anyone can provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and God bless!

    • Sorry I don’t speak Karen… that would be like asking an random American to translate a Cherokee song. Sorry I can be of no help here.

  36. you’re site is amazing ! for me it’s a great resource for learning thai as well and getting to understand the songs much better
    keep up the good work.
    cheers, from Sydney, Australia

  37. Hi!!! I was following on your YouTube channel Tahmong…. I thought you actually stopped subbing Thai songs….

    It’s really great to stumble across your works again!!! Thanks for sharing them us ^_^

  38. It’s really a cool site. I am now learning Thai and love thai music so much. I bought lots of albums even though I can’t totally understand the language. Amazing to have found yr site for letting me know more about the meaning of the lyrics. Much appreciation to yr works and contributions made to promote thai music!
    BTW, could u give me some suggestions in learning thai? I found it’s really not a easy job for me~

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! 🙂
      The only way to learn a language is to practice practice practice~ But check out the Other Resources tab for some more good resources for learning Thai ^^

  39. Hello there Tahmnong. Thank you so much for this great great awesome job. I fancy Thai songs and I’m starting to learn how to sing them, in fact, I learned some through your work. Besides, this is indeed a great help for those who are interested to learn Thai language ( like me 55 ). Keep it up. God bless you!

  40. Hi Guys,

    I’m trying to organise a live concerts in Phuket and I would like to invite the TOP ARTIST of the Moment.

    Could anyone give me their suggestions about who is the best artist 2014/2015?

    Thanks a lot

  41. I love to listen thai songs, the rhythm of the songs are so touching and reaches my heart so much. Thank you so much for having this site that i can finally know the meaning of all the songs. Allowing me to learn thai language too. Hard work on you, and sincerely thank you making this happen. 🙂

  42. Hi…I came from Malaysian, since young, I listen to some old songs around 5-6 years ago. How to find Ta Lok Dee – Golf & Mike, Sai Rai Pai See – Hyper and Lydia songs? In youtube have been removed. I hope to find it at here. Can teach me the step or give me link to search those songs?

    • I only post translations here and don’t host any video or music files, sorry 🙁
      You should be able to find the songs on iTunes and the record label’s respective sites, however

  43. Just a thanks for doing this site. It really is helpful. As a farang living in Thailand, I too love the Thai music but didnt understand many of the songs until I found your site. Music makes learning the language and culture much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks so much! 🙂

  44. i made a english lyrics video of Bedroom Audio’s กอดไม่ได้ using lyrics translation from yours, so i hope u can check it out 🙂

  45. AWESOME SITE!! Im from usa and i have been living in thailand for 7 years….before i used to learn thai from songs….from ethaimusic..com….but now….its down. sad to see that. but then i found this site!!! i was soo happy. now im playing music drums and guitar and im geting back in to thai music. its great to have a site like this to check up on things. do you have a facebook? i would love to get in contact with you.

  46. LOOKING FOR BAND MEMBERS, if anybody can play music and lives in Bangkok or nonthaburi or close by and enjoys playing thai songs and farang songs let me know. i play drums and guitar low level im not a pro or anything. just looking for some friend to practise thai music. add me on facebook if u want to get in contact. Karateguy192000@yahoo.com james johnston

  47. Wonderful site. So glad I found it. I’ve been looking for an older Calories Blah Blah song. I heard it at a party but I don’t know the name of the song, only that it is by Calories Blah Blah. The song is about a lonely who has no love because he’s not handsome. I’ve been looking for this song for almost a year now. Would appreciate it if you know the song and can translate the whole song.

    • Thank you for your comment ^^ Unfortunately you have described a lot of Calories Blah Blah songs haha. Have you checked out the songs of theirs I’ve already translated? Is it any one of those?

  48. You are awesome People
    hope u have a good life !
    อังกฤษผมก็ไม่เก่งเนาะ ยังพยายาม 55555+ ผมชอบบล็อคนี้มากๆ ยังไงก็ขอให้พยายามต่อไปฮะ แหม่ จริงๆ อยากเรียนภาษามากเลย แต่ก็นะครับ คงจะสายไป 55555 มีอีกหลายอย่างที่อยากเรียนรู้ สู้ๆนะครับ 🙂

    • It’s never too late! I’m studying 4 languages now haha
      มันยังไม่สายเกินไปเลย ฉันก็กำลังเรียน 4 ภาษา อิอิ
      but thank you for your lovely comment ~
      ขอบคุณจริงๆนะคะ สำหรับเม้นนี้ ^-^ สู้ๆเช่นกันนะ

      • hahahahahha…..yes…yes….. tq so much… this song is so cute….I’m from malaysia. My mom and dad from Thai, but i dont know how to speak thai. hahahaha….

        Its a genetic maybe, that is y i like thai song…..

  49. สวัสดีค่ะคุณทำนอง! (ทำนอง = Tahmnong Right?)
    Remember me? hehe
    I never post in this page before
    but always can find me on requesting page 😛
    I’m thai who tried to be fluent in english language
    (because I need this skill to attend in university)
    That’s why this site is meaningful for me
    Thanks for a very very goooood site
    Always support XD

  50. Thank you for what you’re doing! I grew up watching Thai lakorns and became more interested in their opening soundtracks. I love the opening soundtracks for lakorns and that’s what sparked my love for thai music, I’m always exploring the different genres of Thai music. Everytime I play a song, I fall into the melodies and rhythm of it even if their are language barriers. So, I’m very grateful that you’re translating songs and allowing me to understand the contents of it better. You’re awesome, keep up the good work!!! Fighting! Su-su! 🙂

  51. I’m from Hong Kong and i like Thai pop and band sound.It’s quite different from other countries pop song and have own thai style inside to every songs.sometimes want to know the lyrics and try to understand to songs and song writer what r they want to present.lucky,this site can let me know the thai songs and will not sing a wrong songs to thai girls,hahahaha,thanks,Su-su

  52. Hi there,

    I am from Singapore and really thank you for translating the songs.It allow me better appreciate Thai songs and also at the same time learn more of the language. Keep up the good work! Kob Khun Mak Krap

  53. I like to listen thai songs cause of curiosity and now I learn to love thai songs. The translation is also awesome and I can also read the lyrics of the song~ thank you for this site (^_^) fighting!

  54. Am a big fans of Thailand and i really love thai music.. only today 2016 i found your awesome translation website.. thanks for sharing… keep it up ^_^! You have me as ur fans too!

  55. Hello Tahmnong,

    I really love listening to Thai song even thought I don’t understand the language but still is a very big fan. I love the culture and language and is trying to learn Thai. I was wondering if you can help translate this song for me thank you very much ka. Have a very great day.

    Song: ชูวับ ชูบีดู – เบล สุพล feat. หนึ่ง ETC. (FRONTAGE FREEFORM) 【OFFICIAL MV】or Khan ขัน ชูวับ ชูบีดู

    Is the lyrics the same?

  56. Hello Tahmnong,

    Thank you so much for your help and would like to said I really appreciate your effort for putting your times to translate the song. Have a very wonderful day na.

  57. Hi Tahmnong 🙂

    I want to say the same as many other people who have commented. Thank you for this site, it is very helpful.

    I was wondering if you could do a post on this song: ก้องหล้า ยอดจำปา – ไสว่าสิบ่ถิ่มกัน. I really want to learn it!

    Thank you!

    • Thank you for your comment, but as I’ve said to the others who commented before you, this is not standard Thai language and I don’t understand it, sorry, you’ll need someone from Isan or Laos ~

  58. This is the translation for ไสว่าสิบ่ถิ่มกัน. (you can find the Isan to bangkok dialect translation online) The tense is confusing since Thai language has none, so I have to assume.

    We were in love for long
    It was no sign that you would change
    Since the road was dusty (since the road wasn’t covered with asphalt or concrete)
    Why you have changed
    10 or 20 troubles swarmed
    We would hold our hands
    My heart is wrecked but you don’t care
    Instead, you said we didn’t match / didn’t go along

    Why did you say you wouldn’t leave me, we would always together
    Why did you say we would cherish each other, we would always together
    Why did you say you wouldn’t leave me, we would always together
    Why did you say you wouldn’t allot your heart, it would be only us

    • (Continued)
      The tear poured
      The woman’s heart changed, I cried till I wobbled
      I never thought the love would be devastated
      The ginger lily has lost its fragrance
      What can I do, my heart isn’t ready
      Or, I have to seriously accept the truth
      Cry till death right now
      To the one who forgets the promise
      I pressed the promise, I waited till I became skinny
      You’ve disappeared, don’t come back

  59. Hi Tahmnong,

    Thank you so much for the work. As a Chinese, I’m recently into Thai music and found this site is really useful for me to understand Thai language and culture. Hope to travel to Thailand again and perhaps see you someday in a cafe.

  60. OMG this blog is SO GOOD!!! I am so sooooooo glad to meet someone who can translate/explain Thai music and share it to the rest of us. I’ve been listening to Kangsom’s song (yup, THAT “hen krai krail” song) and loved it SO much. I’m working in a tourist-hub area and met this group of Thai people and I was so happy to know that the guy I was talking to felt surprised and happy to know I know their country’s music. He even recommended me this singer, called “Lula”? He said she’s famous over there (and the song name is “Preaw” I think? Can’t really find it on Youtube.)

    I also have a music blog – but I primarily focus more on introducing songs from ALL over the world (right now I have a huge list of Russian) and less on translating lyrics and I intend to expand more of it. 🙂 “applesaucee” is my wordpress blog and I’m VERY sure I have new Thai songs to introduce to now that I’ve found your blog.

    Once again, thank you SO MUCH for contributing to the community! Very much appreciated!! <3

  61. HI I love your blog, helping the non Thai SPeakers to enjoy excellent Thai Music..

    Recently, I watched PPTV36 (translated version) on some forum and i love the theme song (OST) …I just like to request if you can provide the English Lyrics


  62. เมื่อรักฉันเกิด by silly fools….i need a lyrics of these please…we were going to sing this..im not thai but love this song…thank you sir….

  63. Please help me translation this song รอให้เธอพูดก่อน – นท พนายางกูร.
    Thank you very much!

  64. Thanks for your amazing work! I love thai songs and thanks to your translations I can understand them! keep it up with the good work! 🙂

  65. Hi. I just found your site today. it is great. My Thai is not good but I try to sing the song and I do use them to try and learn more words. I also spend time in Issan and have gained an affinity for Issan music. As you say the words are different. Sometimes my friends in the NE will help me with some of the words. I did see you had some Carabao. I like some of his songs and promised to learn some. The Thai to Thai (Roman characters) is very helpful as I can not read much Thai. Since I like the country/fold music I may not see many translateion but keep up the good work. I will use what you have to learn and sing.

  66. Hi, I am not sure how by now is your website is known. But I’d been following your website for last year and I’m surprise that even the latest songs are being translated very soon. Thank you for the good deed. Kob Jai Mak mak! Just dropping by to let you know that there are people like me are grateful for your hard work! Chok Dee

  67. Hey i’m from Indonesia. Just found your site today and it’s so amazing. I can’t speak or read Thai, ..but i just found Thai music and lakorn are great. Keep the good work! You’re amazing 🙂

  68. Please help me translation this song Lullaby-อยู่ให้ฉัน
    Thank you very much!

  69. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your effort and hard work
    Your translate have done great job .


  70. ชอบเพจนี้มากเลยค่ะ เป็นคนไม่เก่งภาษาอังกฤษแต่ชอบที่จะเรียนรู้จากเพลง อยากได้แปลอังกฤษเพลง ของๆคนอื่น ของวงฟาเรนไฮต์หน่อยค่ะ ขอบคุณค่ะ

  71. hi thanks for the transliteration of Thai lyrics into English letters . Do you happen to have the transliteration“ไม่เดียงสา / Mai Diang Sah (Unintelligent)” by Big Ass as it is an awesome song . In fact it is my current favourite song that I play over again many times but still cannot seem to catch the words. It would be great if you have it. Cheers !!!

    • I don’t, sorry, I prefer to focus on translation since there’s many automatic transliterators out there already you can just plug the lyrics in~ 🙂

  72. ช่วยแปลเพลง เจ็บปวดที่งดงามหน่อยค่ะ จะอบคุณค่ะ

  73. I love what you did with this. I am lao but i speak english mostly. I watch alot of thai dramas some of them have my favorite actors and actresses.My favorite thai actor is Kangsom Tanatat. I love his movies and music. He cute and handsome and has a cute smile. I would like to meet him someday

  74. sawadee krap. I love your site. deungdutjai it’s fantastic. I can find so many lyric translations here, it is amazing! thank you so much. cheers, danny

  75. Thank you for all your hard work 🙂

  76. Thanks for all your hard work. I come from Malaysia and I love Thai song very much, All the song I like I am able to find the lyrics from your website. Hope you will keep it up. Million thanks again!

  77. Amazing! I love your blog! I just now google “song + deungdutjai”
    Anyway.. What’s the meaning of deungdutjai?
    And im wondering why you don’t have the translation for GM : “ลืมฉันหรือยัง”xiu

  78. Hi again Tahmnong.

    Would it be possible to get a translation for this song?
    สู้ไม่ได้ – SILLY FOOLS
    I don’t have lyrics for it but this song has been a great “vent” for me whenever i feel like i have a bad day – don’t know what it’s about… but It’s my go to song if i feel bad 😉

    Korp khun maak na krub


  79. Your website is my number 1 favorite thai learning resource 🙂 thank you for your work, and for sharing

  80. Know the female vocalist on Bedroom Audio’s ‘Enough’. Is she a normal member of the band, or brought in for this song only? Love her voice. Thanks.

  81. Sawadee bpee mai & sawadee krap,

    Rak jing jing what you are doing. Have been following your site for 2 years. I’m kon malaysia who loves and try my best to understand Thai songs.

    Just 1 request, possible to change the video cum lyrics presentation?

    Is it possible to let the video remain on the screen as we scroll down to understand the actual lyrics and its translation?

    For non Thai speaking like us, it is essential for us to view the video and try to understand the story behind it and also at the same time to understand the lyrics of the song.

    Just a feedback to you as a fan. I’m sure many of your fans share my sentiment.

    Krop kun mak krap.

    • I have no idea how to do that haha, sorry. I just use basic WordPress blog, I don’t know anything about coding. But thank you for your support 🙂

  82. sawasdee, tahmnong. Just want to say thank you for being a big part of my Thai life. I got addicted to Thai movies, songs, and culture 5 years ago. (fyi, Golf and Mike were my first thai crushes, way back 2009 hahaha) I learned thai’s writing last year. THo i still got confused on how to read words because thai’s vowels are just so hard to locate HAHAHAHA i always go here to familiarize myself with thai letters and teach myself on how to read it properly. I’m going to Thailand on July, i’m just so excited about it. THANK YOU SOO MUCH. love you :*

  83. Ohmygod,i like anything about thai,especially about this page.thank you so much ,i hope i can say this in thai language..

    • Okay, I watched it on my VPN and everything is just drunken blurber, I can’t make out any words, they sing pretty monotone so I can’t really hear the melody, and nothing sounds familiar haha, sorry :/

    • Only recognized the first one at 3:45: ผู้สาวขี้เหล้า – เมย์ จิราพร feat.วงค์ ชนะกันต์

  84. Actually its a video of a Thai Style Karaoke and there were a few songs thats very nice and i would like to find out the name of the song. Anyway thanks for the reply.

  85. Hello,
    Okay, I will try ..

    I’m from Tahiti, and that’s it, I used it at last, rather I copied your words on a French / French site named Nautiljon, and I forgot (and I apologize again) to ask you, and I am still really sorry, but from your article (8.), the moderator of the site advised me however to put the copyrights and I put a link of your site, to see: https://www.nautiljon.com/paroles/achirawich+saliwattana/cheua+wah+ruk+tae+mee+jing.html ..

    So I wanted to see with you if there are no worries that I can take most of your words and put them on the site, of course without forgetting the credit of the author.

    ps: i am a bit nil in english but i hope you will understand me

    • Thank you for your comment ^^
      It seems like you’re just using the transltierated lyrics? That’s fine~ 🙂 Thank you for crediting and asking permission~

      • THANNKUUU.. 🙂 for answering me ^^
        So.. i would like to know if i have your permission to be able to use your words again and put on the french-speaking site, because i think thailand needs to make itself known and i think this is the only site i have of the romanization of the lyrics, it makes me want to see if you are good and if i can use your words.

        * anecdote * long live my english of nullity !! ^^

  86. ฝัน (Dream) Slot Machine
    Could you please translate to English. This song is quite difficult to translate for me.

  87. Popping around ^^
    Your website is truly helpful. I’ve discovered more phrases and words through your translations ( it is definitely a life saver when I just bought a bunch of art supplies and getting Thai book lessons completely went over my head 😛 ) When my mother ( who’s mother tongue is Thai ) can’t help translating and I can only pick out so many words and assume their meaning, It’s quite easy to turn here and find what I’m looking for.
    Kop kun ka~

    p.s What’s the difference between หาก, ถ้า, หากว่า and ถ้าหาก?

  88. Tahmnong! The internet didn’t seem to give me the answer I needed (as boats aren’t what I want,) and my mother (who knows Thai) doesn’t know this particular word.. But do you know how to say “ship,” as in “They’re so cute together! I ship it!” I don’t think it’s possible to ‘เรือ’ two people together, as far as I know 😛

    Thank you ka <3

  89. Tahmnong, do you have any tips for learning/remembering the construction of Thai sentences and how to study it effectively? Thank you ka <3

    • Hmm, well, if you speak a subject-verb-object language (like English) already, I’d say just think of it like that, since Thai is SVO as well~ With some small details like adjectives coming after the nouns they modify, and question words coming at the end of the sentence~ The best way to practice outside of an actual class/teacher is probably to find some reading materials and practice with those 🙂

      • Sounds great! I wish I could surround myself a bit more in the language haha ^^
        I hope birthday money can help me buy a book on Thai. However that’s in July (UGHH THE WAIT~) but it’d probably be better I have summer to study rather than cramming lessons in while being overwhelmed by school.

  90. Hi! I love your website. I’ve been learning to sing Thai song and your site is helping me a lot.
    I started by following Yes or No series movie, then Hongyok, Nann, AF10 and have been listening to other songs suggested by Youtube. I really appreciate your work.

    I have a question, do you have a webstie you suggest me to use to translate Thai characters into romanized alphbets? I tried using google translate, but the outcome looks like a total different system from how you do them, and is really hard to read.

    I’m in the US right now, but i’m a native Chinese Mandarin speaker. I saw that you also have a website you do Chinese songs, and I just thought I’ll put it out there that if some day you’d like a little assist with Chinese or want something that is easier aaccessible in Chinese, I’m more than happy to help and thank you back.

  91. I started listening to Thai music because of Paradox. Really love how they sound but now I love them more after understanding the lyrics of their songs. Thank you so much for translating.

    I am discovering more Thai artists thru this site. I now listen as well to Room 39, Silly Fools, Slot Machine and 25 Hours.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  92. Hi! It’s been a little while since I popped back here ^__^
    I got Thai lesson books but I am holding off on reading them until school break comes. I actually haven’t listened to Thai music that often.. I’ve fallen into the KPOP loving phase I never thought I’d encounter (I slowly started when I heard BLACKPINK, now I’m in love with Monsta X’s Kihyun haha) I heard Korean is far easier to learn than Thai so I might just hit the Korean language up until I can decide on Lee Thanat or Lee Hoseok.
    Too bad I can’t learn two languages at the same time,, (Wouldn’t it be three since I’m still learning many English words in school? I guess you never stop learning 😉 )
    Anyways, I really wish I had a chance to meet Monsta X.. hm… I heard that they’re going to Los Angeles in August (I actually asked my parents if they could drive me there LOL it’s just a few hours !!!) Would they appreciate a dorky middle school student that stays up fangirling over them? Maybe,, I hope so kekekeke ^^

    • Good luck learning Korean! It’s actually INTENSELY more difficult to learn than Thai! ^_^;
      I also hope that you can go to the Monsta X concert! Sounds like fun! ^^

      • Oh no!! I might still give it a shot (It’s possible ! I hope! I can only dream so much though aha,,,,,,,,,,,,)
        And the Monsta X concert- oh man,, I’d go through the pain of memorizing one of their dances if I could go. (Not that I haven’t tried- I just give up because I don’t look nearly as cool LOL) I really like Kihyun, their vocalist <33333333 It's really fun meeting people who share the same love for KPOP like I do. For some reason people at my school don't enjoy that stuff, they prefer the weird mumble rap soundclouds have to offer over *intensely* cute boys aha ^__^

        • Haha, good luck!! I’ve lived here for five years and I still barely speak haha~
          Concerts are great for meeting people who like the same music artists as you, I hope ypu can get to go!

  93. Title: กล้าพอไหม / Glah Por Mai (Are You Brave Enough?)
    when i looked for this lyric, i found the vidoe has deleted.
    just to inform you that. Thanks a lot for translating songs!!!!!!!!

  94. Title: ใจหนึ่งก็รัก อีกใจก็เจ็บ / Jai Neung Gor Ruk Eek Jai Gor Jep (On Heart Loves, Another Hurts)
    the vdo of this song is also deleted.

  95. This video not avaiiable in youtube.
    Title: เจ็บจะตาย / Je Ja Dtai (Hurting to Death)
    Artist: Itti Balangura (อิทธิ พลางกูร)
    Album: Rock Legend
    Year: 1988

  96. I liked your translation of เจ้าตาก by Carabou
    and will use and credit you for that translation
    in one of my videos if that is all right.

  97. Hello how are you?
    I’m sorry to bother you but I want to ask you a big favor.
    In the series KISS ME AGAIN the ost comes out at the end of each chapter …
    Could you help me by telling me the name of the artist and the theme of the song?
    I am a subber. And I am subtitling the series for the Spanish language and I would like to add the lyrics of that song to each episode. The intro theme of the series I have already. The trouble is that I do not know the name of the artist in question.
    I would appreciate sincerely helping me with this request. It would be fantastic if the singer and song that I am looking for you already have it available here on your page.

    For my part I appreciate the attention given and I await your prompt response.

    Greetings from Ecuador

  98. Hi! I really appreciate your efforts to do translations of Thai songs so international fans like me could understand. I just happened to come across a previous show wherein I really liked the song. The series was สงครามแย่งผู้ To be continued ตอน ลงเอย. Do you happen to know the title of the OST? Thank you!

    • Unfortunately I don’t know anything about lakorns or OSTs, and if I search the name in the search bar, nothing comes up that I’ve translated from that lakorn before, so I’m not sure what the song could be 🙁 sorry

  99. Hi there, i want to say thanks for all your tiredness work. Very appreciated.
    Here’s a broken link I discovered.

    Title: แฟนเก่าแฟนเก็บ / Faen Gao Faen Gep (Old Lovers, Lovers Staying Together)
    Artist: Jintara Poonlarp

    Best regards Patrick

  100. Hello, Just a random swede taking a peek into this site. Thank you very much for translations. I’m using them to learn Thai so I can sing to a very special girl I’ve fallen in love with in Thailand 🙂

  101. Sawasdee krub K. Tahmnong. I have been living in Thailand for the past eight years and consider it my home. Unfortunately, due to what I do and my schedule, I cannot commit to a proper Thai language class, so I learn along the way – pick up a word here, learn a new word there, from colleagues and friends.

    I find the Thai language a very beautiful language – even if I don’t understand most of what is said, it’s just very pleasing to listen to. The other Asian language that have similar qualities is, in my opinion, Japanese. But that’s not what we are here for.

    Anyway, I also happen to love Thai songs – there’s something to it that is appealing, I can’t put a finger on it. Maybe it’s the language, the arrangement – I don’t know. The problem has always been understanding them. All this while, I’ve been listening to Thai songs and liking them based on the tune, melody and arrangement but, your site has opened a whole new world to me. Now the songs I love have new meanings. It’s like you have replaced my blindness with sight.

    Thank you for your time and effort. I really appreciate your site and what you have done, and are doing, here. This site is, for me, the discovery of the century. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help or contribute to keep it up and running.

    Kob khun maak na krub.


  102. I love this site so much! I think you are amazing for doing this! I hope that one day you could translate exactly how you do with other songs, the song Sailom…It is my favorite Thai song and I so much want to play it for my own enjoyment and maybe perform it in America. 🙂 Chan Rak Khun !

    • I’ve translated two songs called “Sai Lom” already, if neither of them are what you’re looking for, feel free to read the requesting rules and submit a request for it ^^

  103. Hi Tahmnong,
    I always love reading your comments about any song, so I am delighted that you are commenting now quite often. Thanks for that and all you do.

  104. I love your website so much, it really helps me understanding lyrics of many thai songs! Also I have request, could you translate “SOYBAD – แค่ได้มอง” lyrics? I recently found some thai indie artists, and I really like that song. Anyways thank you so much for this website, keep making translation, I will support you all the way!

  105. You’re literally my hero. So many great bands on here that help me both expand my love for music and learn some Thai along the way. That being said, I recently started listening to Anatomy Rabbit, and hoped you might add some of their stuff! Anyway, keep being awesome and Happy New Year!

  106. Hello! I’ve actually been following this blog for years now (since i was in high school and now im already 22!) but idk why i feel like sending a msg of how grateful i am with this blog! the way u organize and translate the lyrics, and even put the romanization (cause i always try to sing along), it really help a lot. So i really hope u won’t stop translating and will continue this blog for as long as u can 🙂 keep up the good work and spread the love for thai music internationally♡ btw, two of my fave thai band are tattoo colour and the bottom blues. i also enjoy listening to bird thongchai!

    • Awwwwe thank you so much!! <3 wow, that's a long time! Thanks for sticking around for so long! I still enjoy keeping up this blog, so I promise I will continue doing it! ^_^

  107. ใต้แสงจันทร์ … ดีมากมากครับขอบคุณที่การแปลภาษาทำให้ฉันแยากเรียนเขียนอ่านได้เพราะมีแสงนำทางสว่างไสวรู้สึกสดใสในชีวิตตามวิถีฅนเขาป่านาไร่ไรริญญา ได้เรียนภาษา….เอาตามที่เท่าเข้าใจมาจาก “google” ขอบคุณสิ่งดีดี ที่ได้รับจากเว็บไซต์ที่ดีมากมาก จะว่าดีที่สุดสาหรับฉันจริงจริงแล้วสามารถพูดได้ครับจากใจ.

  108. Hi Author..
    Its a awesome page for me, beautiful and heart touching words of song
    But i havent receive ur email since 21 April????

  109. ขอบคุณที่ทำเว็บไซต์นี้ มันเป็นความช่วยเหลือที่ดีสำหรับฉัน ฉันไม่ใช่คนไทย แต่ฉันรักดนตรีไทย

  110. Thanks a lot, I’m from Taiwan.My English is bad and even Thai. I’m using this site to learn Thai, because I’ll go to work in Thailand next year.Very appreciated!!!

  111. This is a wonderful site you have created. Besides the translations, I also appreciate your notes on the song and star. I am trying to learn about the youth-targeted lukthung by RSiam. I’m from Taiwan.

  112. Amazing! I am a 60-year old Japanese, still love Loso and P Sek. Thank you so much for your great work of translation as well as the description of all the lyrics in original Thai, alphabet Thai and English!

  113. Thank you so much for this website! It is helping me so much with my Thai, and since I love to sing, I’m finally learning all the lyrics to my favorite Bird songs. You are the best [heart]. I tried to make a donation via paypal but it didn’t work for some strange reason. I will keep trying.

  114. Came across your site today and I am very THANKFUL for all you’ve done. THANK YOU so much! Now I can learn how to sing Thai songs :-).

  115. Hello, Can I use this your translation in my OPV (unofficial music videos, fan made videos) subtitles on YouTube. My OPV is not commercial video. If you allow, please let me know

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  116. Hi , im from Malaysia, thank you so much on your hard work, now i can sing thai song , really apprecite it, all the best to you

  117. Thank you for all of your work!!! Just returned from visiting Thailand a few weeks ago and fell in love with the music.

    Now into an endless rabbit hole…

  118. Hi! I’m trying to find the lyrics for the following Thai songs:
    Khor Pen Kon Neung by Briohny,
    Khor Dai Mai by Tata Young,
    Yu Kundiyao by Beau,
    Kwa Nee Noi by Mai …
    I’m not sure if the singers are correct nor if I spelled them right … ‘hope you can help me out.

    MANY THANKS by the way for this site, it is really a big help for us music entertainers … KUDOS for all your effort!

  119. I really love this website. I am learning thai and can come here to practice with songs I like.
    Thank you very much!

  120. I just discovered this site. It’s great. Thank you so much with Greetings from Germany.

  121. You’re such a blessing to the international fans! Thank you very much for translating the songs for us!!!

  122. Thank you for your hard work and efforts in translating the songs. I appreciate them. Are you able to provide sheet music (piano) with english translation for the Plerng Naree drama? Or are you able to direct me to a site that can help? Thank you!

  123. I seriously love this site. I’m an American trying to pick up more of the Thai language before I visit Thailand again. Thai music is seriously great!

    I’m hoping if you can get to it that you will translate Khlong Toei by 19Tyger!

    I appreciate all you have created with this site and I will continue to enjoy what you have on here!

  124. Hello. Thx for all lyric and translation. Can I use the translation for my personal account? I will put credit by deundutjai off course 🙂

  125. Dude, just for you to know, this is the best Thai song lyric blog that ever existed, you’re amazing
    Shout out from Indonesia here

  126. May i ask? Where can i download Thai songs? Latest hits like Same Page by Tilly Birds and others. Please suggest me all great Thai songs. Khap kun na

  127. Thank you for all the translations! Whenever I look for translations and see your site pop up in the search results, I feel like “chohk dee kae nai”! Always of good quality, and written in a good English in a way that facilitates learning the language! Thank you!

  128. Hello Tahmnong! I’m from the Philippines. Thank you so much for the translations of AB Normal songs
    I find their songs to my liking and you’ve been a great help for me to better understand what it’s conveying.

    More power!

  129. Hi Tahmnong ,

    I am from India and been working in Thailand for 4 years now . Recently got addicted to Thai music so much that I was searching for the lyrics in Thai (To try sing along) & English (to understand the emotion of the song) . Finally arrived here and I am really grateful to your works on this site. Many thanks for all the efforts by you . Hope to meet someday face to face to have a drink 555 ++.


  130. Dear Tahmnong,
    I came across POTATO band’s music not so long ago, and their music gives off such positive vibe, even though I cannot understand the language. I am especially in love with คนตัวเล็ก . Thank you so much for the lovely translation. This is such a lovely song that speaks to “little people” like me in this “vast vast world”, trying to be enough.

    Thank you for the translation, Tahmnong.


  131. Please help me with this song. I wish i could sing it [MV] ชู้ – หลง ลงลาย

  132. Please, I have listened to this 2017 compilation and especially like the song @ 1:06:33, which I can see listed as ลองเชิงลองใจ – แอน ธิติมา. I cannot find the single recording on any site, although I see several other tunes by Ann Thitima, even on your site. This 2017 compilation is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uivgJFg0fYw … I wanted to see translation, and also find it as a separate recording, please. Martin

  133. Hello and thank you for your hard working on all the translations and romanizations! I wonder if you can translate some songs of the Duet Group LUSS? I started to listening to their songs since the hit song หยอก หยอก and I fall in love with all their songs… But sadly I cannot fine many translation of the lyrics, which the most of them are written by the talented vocalist Pun… Again really thank you for your works!

  134. why do you stop update the songs lyrics??
    you help me a lot this past years. thankyou very much.

    • I know. I learn the romanisation from this website and can’t seem to get used to the romanisation of other sites TT

  135. Do have prepare Bodyslam Lyric for “Wi-Cha Tua Bao” (วิชาตัวเบา Levitate)

    your work is awesome and i like Thai songs especially Bodyslam and Potato….

  136. I miss you so much even though i don’t know you and found this side only 1 year ago so you weren’t posting already.
    I hope you are okay now. And thank you so much for your work all these years. This site is amazing.

  137. i am amazed at your website and thank you very much for your time and dedication. I am english and learned basic thai language, to speak, to read and to write. That was 3 years ago when i was visiting to stay with my ex-wife in Chiang Rai.

    I love Thai music and always dancing to thai music. Now i am here in UK i still lsiten with YouTube and always transalte the pages to english for seeing the translation of Thai song lyrics.

    Sometimes the translation seems strange but i know the way translation apps work and know the way Thai language is wrote and spoke very short. the translation fails sometimes but I can guess the correct version from experience.

    But, today with the song Charming People by Pang Nakarin you commented your website as a suggestion to a farang like me who like Thai music. Now I find your translation is so much better!!!. I was close with my understanding but you added extra meaning and that I thank you so much and must keep up the good work you do to promote Thai music to the world

    You help us all enjoy the beauty.

    Khob Khun maak krap

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