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    • Filipino alert haha …. though I also love thai music and find this place very helpful hehe…

    • Sorry, it’s Lao dialect, I can’t, but I’m pretty sure the official music video on YouTube has English subs anyway ~

  1. Hi, could you please translate the song of Non Tanon, Chai Thoe Chai Loei. The ost song of Trabarb See Chompoo.I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance :). oh and nice work, keep it up, thumbs up hee.

      • Hi Khun Tahmnong,

        I just want to know if from what name is this artist here (นครินทร์ กิ่งศักดิ์) indexed in your artist directory. Though I know how to read that artist’s name, I can’t seem to find his name under the ‘N’ artists. Please help me. Thank you 🙂 And if you would, I just like a translated song of him titled (สบายดี). Thank you very much. From Philippines!

  2. Im looking this kind web like this.i really need translate and spell from thai to english and how to speak the lyrics…

  3. and me i have Thai song that i was memorize already Title: Pae Hua Chai Tua Eng i can’t sing on the Video because we don’t have Line up Thai song in the video or else even the YouTube not able to sing Karaoke Lyrics

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  9. Hi! I’m learning Thai and I just found your website, I’ve been having lots of fun learning through songs. Could you please make the romanization and translation of the song “หากว่าฉันได้ครอบครอง” by artist Velika? It’s currently my favorite but my level of Thai is still not good enough. Thank you!

  10. เก่าใคร ใหม่เรา ตาโอ๋ วงเซอร์ AUDIO where to find

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