Time Will Find A Way

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Title: Time Will Find A Way
Artist: Instinct x Weaver
Album: [Single]
Year: 2014

Have you ever seen the place that’s far away
I asked you under the starlight
From that day we’ve walked on to reach our dream
We’ll share it all, from now on

I know that I might lose you
That’s the price I pay
Holding you tight in the candlelight
Whatever I say seems to sound so false
I just look in your eyes

We might have days of rain all the time
We might have nights without stars
If we can hold on to hope, believing day after day
We’ll be together in the end

(*) Time will find a way oh oh oh
Wipe the night away
Make way for bright sunlight
I will never know oh oh oh

(**) How the future looks
What waits for us
I won’t go away

Kor kae tur yah perng lup fun bpai jon gwah ja chao
I just ask that you don’t sleep until morning
Pror chun roo wah chun dtaung jahk bpai
Because I know that I must go
Jahk tur bpai dtahm tahng tee chun nun dtung jai
Leaving you to follow the path I intended
Lae ja bpai doy mai glua
And I’ll go without fear

คิดถึงเพียงเธอทุกวัน ทุกเวลา
Kit teung piang tur took wun took welah
I only think of you every day, every moment
Mae rao yoo kon la fahk fah
Even though we live in different sides of the sky
Meua dai tee bpai teung soot tahng haeng fun tee chun dai dtahm hah
Whenever I reach the end of my dreams that I’ve been searching for
Rao kong dai mah jur gun eek krung
We’ll see each other again


I will think of you
Thick and thin
I’m just hoping to be the one for you

I know you feel it too
So much we share
Now it’s tough for us
But we’ll be together in the end


How the future looks
But my heart will be with you
I won’t go away
We got the time to find a way