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Title: แพ้ / Pae (Defeated)
Artist: Pung Tantek (นายปัง ตันเต๊ก)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Pae pae dtung dtae wun raek jur
Defeated, I was defeated since the first day we met
Pae pae nai sai dtah tur
Defeated, I was defeated by your gaze
Pae dtung dtae wun tee rao sop dtah
I was defeated since the day we made eye contact
Pae dtung dtae tur yung mai dern kao mah
I was defeated since you still haven’t walked up
Pae hai gup tur tee mai meuan gao
I was defeated by you who aren’t the same
Pae hai gup ruk derm derm kaung rao
I was defeated by our same love

(*) แล้วเรื่องราวมันก็เปลี่ยนรักของเรามันยิ่งสับสน
Laeo reuang rao mun gor bplian ruk kaung rao mun ying sup son
Then the story changed, our love is more confusing
Reaung tee doo mai wok won mun yahk jon gern kao jai wai
Issues that seemed straightforward were too difficult to understand
Tur poot mah wah mai chai chun aun waun tur gor pluk sai
You said it wasn’t me, when I tried to embrace you, you pushed me away
Pae hai tur bpai tao rai dtae teung yung ngai gor yaum
However much I’ve been defeated by you, no matter what, I’m willing

Pae nai wun tee sia tur bpai
I was defeated when I lost you
Pae nai wun tee kao nun kao mah
I was defeated when he showed up
Chun pae nai wun tee kao nun mah
I was defeated when he showed up


Pae jon nai wun nee tee mai mee tur
I was defeated to this day that I’m without you


เนื้อร้อง/ทำนอง วัชรพงศ์ ตันเต๊ก
เรียบเรียง เกรียงไกร วงศ์วานิช วัชรพงศ์ ตันเต๊ก


The great Stamp Apiwat keeps trying to push this new singer, and while he’s not bad and this music video is beautiful, I’m not a fan of his high-pitched voice and the slow repetitiveness of the music. But it is his first single, so perhaps he just needs to find his stride~