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  1. Why is he still being credited as “T.J. 3.2.1” on the single’s cover? Didn’t it get confirmed weeks prior the 3.2.1 broke up? And aren’t two of them doing dealings with GMM now?

    • I didn’t know 3.2.1 broke up, but that makes me happy haha~ I haven’t heard of any of them working with Grammy, but TJ has been writing the lyrics for the Kamikaze grads on RS and Poppy is on the 2016 RS calendar.
      even if 3.2.1 broke up, though, he will always be known as “TJ 3.2.1” because it is well-known and he won’t have to worry about rebranding himself. Nearly all artists whose group breaks up/go solo are still known by their old group’s name haha

      • Oh, well that makes sense, about still being known by their old group name. 3.2.1 breakup rumors started earlier this year, with none of the three seeming interested in it anymore. especially T.J., who seemed really eager to branch out and leave it all behind, causing controversy back when he took 3.2.1. out of his IG username. Yeah, Poppy is gonna be solo in RS. T.J. and Gavin moved to Halo record label, which is somehow part of GMM. And Underdog production team or whatever it is, idk its involved with Dogfather I guess, and now that’s part of GMM??

        Also, speaking of Halo record label, they are debuting a new girl group soon with a former member of Candy Mafia in it. That’s how I knew about Halo being part of GMM. Did you know that CandyMafia and Evo Nine broke up? Do you know why? Do you think if what I have researched is true (that T.J. is with GMM), that maybe since he’s still working with RS too, that this will kind of…I don’t know…build a bridge between both labels and cause them to not be competitive with each other any more?

        • I’ve never heard of Dogfather, but I knknknow Halo and Milkshake (that’s the girlgroup you’re talking about,right?) I haven’t heard of TJ working with Halo, but if he has a contract with RS, he would noy be able to work for Grammy. So if he is switching labels, this is either his last song (which is good because I’m sick of his terrible raps ruining songs like this), or he’s working independently freelance.

          Candy Mafia and Evo9 broke up because their contracts expired and public interest in them was low, so they didn’t renew. Kpop-style groups don’t attract the crowds in Thailand anymore these days haha

          • Yeah, I was talking about Milkshake, but I don’t know much about them. Dogfather was apparently the production team behind alot of RS songs (Hidden Line-Timethai, Shout-VRP, Just Kitten-SHUU, Don’t Cha-Gybzy/Baitoey, and others) and he was a part of it. THey ended up leaving RS this year, so I think he went with. An official Kamikaze fanpage or something is where someone showed me the news about them moving to Halo, so I guess it’s true.

            That’s sad. I liked them. And Evo Nine only had four songs too 🙁 What about G-twenty or that CupC group thing?

            • G-Twenty plays on the radio here, so I wonder if they’re still around and just being marketed towards Korea now, but I haven’t heard anything new about them. And Cup-C was such a massive joke, absolutely no one could take them seriously and laughed in their face at their debut, they must have either been dropped immediately afterwards, or embarrassedly swept under the rug xD

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