One comment on ““ปากดี ไม่มีที่ไป (Bpahk Dee Mai Mee Tee Bpai)” by Nam Kankulnut

  1. I think there’s a missing part

    ความหนาวเหน็บ มันสอนว่า
    Kwahm nao naep mun saun wah
    My heart was freezing, this lesson taught me
    Ja poot arai dtaung kit wah tum dai mai
    To not just said and it can’t be done
    Jahk nee ja roo dtua tur keu hua jai
    From now on, I realized you are my heart
    Lae kwahm roo seuk tur mee wai hai doo lae
    And your feelings is meant to be cared

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