14 comments on ““แล้วเราจะได้รักกันไหม (Laeo Rao Ja Dai Ruk Gun Mai)” by Nadech ft. Yaya Urassaya

  1. Love this duet of them. Both sung it beautifully. The melody almost reminded me one of Kat English old song, but it had goodness in it. Thank you!

  2. i had heard this song in you tube last week. I cant sleep without this song. I love this very much becoz this song is beautifully sung by two beautiful couples. i love both of them in acting as well as singing.

  3. Hello. Thank you for the translation.
    I also love this couple from the very start, I am watching and following them.
    Would it be possible if you could also have piano chords sheet for this song and LOve & Duty by Yaya. I would love to render these 2 songs in piano keyboard so I can share it. Thank you very much.

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