4 comments on ““I Know You Love Me” by Thaitanium

  1. Oh, you’re such a wonderful person. I’ve liked this song for so long. Thanks for helping me out. It must have been painful to translate since you don’t like rap lol

    • I never said I don’t like rap, I make regular trips back to Thailand JUST for Gancore Club concerts hahaha 😛
      As a woman, I just don’t like objectifying lyrics ;P haha

      But you’re welcome!

      • That sounds cool. The only city in Thailand I went to was Bangkok when I was really young. I spent most of my time in Vientiane, Laos where my grandparents live. Now that I’m 23, my dad is trying to convince me to go again lol. Now that I’ve learned more Lao and Thai(thanks to you) I can go have some fun 😀

        • Woooo! You definitely should~ 😀
          I’ll be heading back in August, but I don’t recommend that time of year, that’s the hottest hahaha

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