6 comments on ““ตื๊ด (Dteut)” by Kratae

    • Dance, jive, boogie, break it down, bust a move, sway, jig… There are many ways to talk about dancing in Thai just like there are in English 🙂

      • I asked my thai mother because I never heard her say this word, she listenned to the song and I said it was to said something like “I don’t understand” in the sense, I’m confused in my mind, and it’s use by young people

          • That would make for an interesting song; “If you’re not feeling happy, come be confused! When love has dulled, being confused is better!” haha~
            Are you sure your mom didn’t mean she was confused and didn’t know? I’m sure most English speakers who don’t keep up with teen pop culture slang wouldn’t know that, like, “watch me whip, watch me nene” or “stanky leg” meant dance too haha, I admit I don’t use this word either.
            But, similarly, “dteut” does mean to go to the club and cut loose 🙂


            • Haha, you’re right, it must be a similar word ^^
              I will ask my thai cousin if they use this word in 2016 :p

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