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Title: Shibuya
Artist: Younggu ft. FIIXD, YOUNGOHM, DIAMOND, & PETZ 🇯🇵
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

(*) พวกกู Turnt กันที่ Shibuya
Puak goo turnt gun tee shibuya
We’re getting turnt in Shibuya
พวกกูเมาอยู่กับ Yakuza
Puak goo mao yoo gup yakuza
We’re getting drunk with the Yakuza
Puak goo maeng mai tummadah
We’re f*ck*ng extraordinary
Puak meung maeng mai mee rah kah
You’re f*ck*ng worthless
พวกกู Turnt Turnt Turnt อยู่ที่ Shibuya
Puak goo turnt turnt turnt yoo tee shibuya
We’re getting turnt turnt turnt in Shibuya
Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya
Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya
พวกกู Turnt Turnt Turnt อยู่ที่ Shibuya
Puak goo turnt turnt turnt yoo tee Shibuya
We’re getting turnt turnt turnt in Shibuya
Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya
Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya

พวกกู turnin up no limit
Puak goo turnin up no limit
We’re turning it up, no limit
My nights run til the mornin
My nights run till the morning
Puak sao sao kao yahk ja party
All the girls want to party
Spill them champagne on her body
Spill them champagne on her body
Feelin loney
Feeling lonely
With all these money on me
With all this money on me
กูพึ่งบินไปเมกาแล้วตอนนี้กูโผล่อยู่ shibuya Yaya
Goo peung bin bpai megah laeo dtaun nee goo ploh yoo shibuya yaya
I just flew to the US and now I’ve popped up in Shibuya, yeah, yeah
We Getting lit
We’re getting lit
เลี้ยงหมด นะ ถ้ากูเมา ouu ya
Liang mot na tah goo mao oh yeah
I’m paying for all of it if I’m drunk, oh, yeah
เธออยากจะเมา ah ah
Tur yahk ja mao ah ah
Do you want to get drunk? Ah, ah
และไห้กูเอา เห้ย
Lae hai goo ao hoey
And want me to ravage you? Hey
No way, I dont really f*ckin with no thot
No way, I don’t really f*ck with no thought
Tur chaup kon tee mee pet yoo bon kor
You like guys with diamonds around their neck
Tur yahk aum gra or
You want to suck my d*ck

Bplian ngern saen hai bpen yen
Changing thousands of baht into yen
Take money and i hop on a plane
I take money and I hop on a plane
Fly to japan and i spend
Fly to Japan, and I spend
Meung lerk kor ngern mae gaun ai wen
Stop asking your mom for money before your retribution
เมาจนล้มเหมือนกับ domino
Mao jon lom meuan gup domino
We’re so drunk, we’re falling like dominoes
Find me in Tokyo
Find me in Tokyo
Bring me more mojito
Bring me more mojitoes
YENTOWN arigatou
Yentown, arigatou
Goo gor mai roo wah suttroo goo tee yoo tee grongtayp mun roo seuk gun yung ngai
I don’t know how my haters in Bangkok are feeling
Top on the rank มาเป็นแกงค์มึงอย่าแค้นขอโทษทีกูตัวแทนประเทศไทย
Top on the rank mah bpen gaeng meung yah kaen kor toht tee goo dtua taen bpratayt thai
Top on the rank, come be in my gang, don’t be angry, I’m sorry that I’m representing Thailand
Groong tayp goo a number wun
In Bangkok, I’m number one
BKK กูรัน
BKK Goo run
I run BKK
Tha tha tha tha Thailand matherf*ckerrr
T-T-T-T-Thailand, mother f*ck*r


พวกกู Turnt กันสี่แยก
Puak goo turnt gun see yaek
We’re getting turnt at a four-way interesction
Puak goo mao gun yet mae
We’re drunk, mother f*ck*r
I’ll be burning up the yen
I’ll be burning up the yen
I’ll be counting up the yen
I’ll be counting up the yen
call me okumanchoja
Call me okumanchoja
henny mix with the cola
Henny mixed with the cola
many girls wanna onani
Many girls want onani
เห็นเธอแล้วอยากถอด onami
Hen tur laeo yahk taut onami
After seeing you, I want to onami
แวะ family ซื้อ okamoto
Wae family seu okamoto
Family? Gross, I buy okamoto c*nd*ms
she ชอบ ใช้แป้ง kodomo
She chaup chai bpaeng kodomo
She likes using kodomo baby powder
she พาไป harajuku
She pah bpai harajuku
She takes me to Harajuku
she บอกว่า she ชอบ younggu
She bauk wah she chaup yonggu
She told me she likes Yonggu
she ชอบ younggu
She chaup yonggu
She likes Younggu
she อยากจะอมกู
She yahk ja om goo
She wants to suck me off

กูพูดอังกฤษ ไม่เก่ง ญี่ปุ่นก็ไม่เป็น
Goo poot ungrit mai geng yibpoon gor mai bpen
I don’t speak English very well and can’t speak Japanese
พวกพี่กูใจร้อน So i told them ใจเย็น
Puak pee goo jai raun so I told them jai yen
They were getting worked up, so I told them to calm down
Tee meung moh goo wah maeng men lae meung gor mai koey tum hai hen
Everything you brag about f*ck*ng sucks, and you’ll never make me see
Puak meung maeng mai mee rahkah tum hai sai dtah goo maung mai hen
You’re f*ck*ng worthless and make my eyes go blind
Kao bauk goo nah meuan nohbita
They tell me I look like Nobita
Dteun dtaun tiang konichiwa
I wake up at noon, konnichiwa
Nah meung meuan gup mah chiba
Your face looks like a shiba inu
Dtae faen meung nah meuan mah chisu
But your girlfriend’s face looks like a shi tzu
Ao hoey meung bah nee wah
Gosh, you’re crazy
Goo wah meung glup bahn dee gwah
I think it would be best if you went home
Gee mohng laeo doo nahligah
What time is it? Look at the clock
Bpai keun kreuang tee nahlidtah bpai
Get on an airplane at Narita and go


夜の街 on weekend
Yoru no machi on weekend
City of night on the weekend
Nodo kara shite
Doing it from my throat
Im on the stage
I’m on the stage
Kimi wa nani shiteru
What are you doing?
Tama ni wa ii ne
Sometimes it’s good
朝までdrink yeah
Asa made drink yeah
Drink till morning, yeah
Going to the top we never stop
Going to the top, we never stop
Welcome bro we make it rain
Welcome, bro, we make it rain
Mata fueteku yen
Raising the yen again
if you dont like, give me hate
If you don’t like it, give me hate
but I dont know what you say
But I don’t know what you say
she said she love me
She said she loves me
踊る under club lights
Odoru under club lights
Dance under club lights
Itsumo orera wa nani mo kawaranai
We’ll never change
B*tch dont kill my vibes
B*tch, don’t kill my vibes
Walking other side
Walking on the other side
Im a plug
I’m a plug
Take you
Take you
super duper super high
Super duper super high



Oh my godddddddd. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over how many brain cells I lost translating this.
The way they keep repeating “Shibuya, Shibuya, Shibuya” in that stupid voice reminds me of when I was 17 or 18 and first went to Japan all by myself. I remember tagging all my pictures of Shibuya as “SHIBUYA! SHIBUYA! SHIBUYA!” and thought I was the sh!t and so mature and adult travelling alone. I don’t know anything about these rappers, but perhaps they are at that bull-headed 17/18 year old age, and that explains why they think bragging about drinking, being in Japan, and swearing makes them cool and are over-compensating by repeatedly mentioning how many girls supposedly want to give them oral sex. I really hope they’re just babies and will grow out of this, or RIP the future of Thai rap

Title: Shibuya
Artist: Telex Telexs
Album: [Single]
Year: 2016

Keun nee chahng diao dai yung mai chin gup kwahm ngao
Tonight is so lonely, I’m still not used to the loneliness
(ตั้งแต่วันนั้น ในวันที่ฉัน ได้บอกลาเธอไป)
(Dtung dtae wun nun nai wun tee chun dai bauk lah tur bpai)
(Since that day, when I said good-bye to you)
Saeng kaung fai nee auk tum hai gert ngao sataun
The light from the neon lights cause a reflection
(ที่คอยตอกย้ำ ว่าตัวของฉัน ยังคงไม่มีใคร)
(Tee koy dtauk yum wah dtua kaung chun yung kong mai mee krai)
(That keeps emphasizing that I still don’t have anyone)

(*) บทเพลงที่เราชอบฟัง ถูกเปิดขึ้นอีกครั้ง ดึงดูดให้ตัวฉันไปยังฟลอร์เต้นรำ
Bot pleng tee rao chaup fung took bpert keun eek kraung deung doot hai dtua chun bpai yung floor dten rum
The music that we liked to listen to is turned up again, attracting my body to the dance floor
ด้วยฤทธิ์ของแอลกอฮอลล์ ผสมกับความทรงจำ และความบังเอิญ ก็พาให้ฉันพบเธอ
Duay reut kaung alcohol pasom gup kwahm song jum lae kwahm bung ern gor pah hai chun pob tur
With the effect of the alcohol mixed with the memories and coincidence, it lead me to find you

(**) จากตรงนี้ เธอดูมีความสุขดีนะ ต่างจากวันที่เจอกันครั้งสุดท้าย
Jahk dtrong nee tur doo mee kwahm sook dee na dtahng jahk wun tee jur gun krung soot tai
From right here, you look happy, different from the day I last saw you
เธอร้องไห้บอก ไม่มีฉันไม่ได้
Tur raung hai bauk mai mee chun mai dai
You cried and don’t me that you couldn’t be without me

(***) จากตอนนั้น มันก็ยังไม่นานนะ ก่อนจากกันเธอทิ้งประโยคสุดท้าย
Jahk dtaun nun mun gor yung mai nahn na gaun jahk gun tur ting bpraohk soot tai
It hasn’t been a long time since that moment, before we separated, you left me one last sentence
เธอพูดว่าไม่มีใครแทนฉันได้ และคนที่อยู่ข้างเธอล่ะเป็นใคร
Tur poot wah mai mee krai taen chun dai lae kon tee yoo kahgn tur la bpen krai
You said that no one could replace me, so who’s the person beside you?

ดูเธอเริ่มร้อนใจ เมื่อได้เจอกับตัวฉัน
Doo tur rerm raun jai meua dai jur gup dtua chun
It seems like you’re starting to get flustered when you saw me
(ไม่ต้องกังวล เมื่อในตอนนี้ เราไม่ได้รักกัน)
(Mai dtaung gung won meua nai dtaun nee rao mai dai ruk gun)
(You don’t have to worry when right now, we aren’t in love)
Yim tuk tai hai kon tee mah gup tur nai keun nee
I smile and say hello to the person who came with you tonight
(ยินดีด้วยนะ กับคนๆ นี้ คนที่แทนฉันได้)
(Yin dee duay na gup kon kon nee kon tee ten chun dai)
(I’m happy for you and this person who could replace me)


Ying dai hen sai dtah tee tur jaung maung tee kao
The more I see the look in your eyes staring at him
ทำให้ฉันนั้นคิดถึงวันคืนเก่า ๆ
Tum hai chun nun kit teung wun keun gao gao
The more it makes me miss the old days
Tee tur koey mee ruam gup chun
That you used to share with me
Dtae dtaun nee mun mai mee eek laeo
But now we don’t have that anymore
(Kwahm bung ern gor pah hai chun pob tur)
(Coincidence led me to find you)



Lyrics, Melody & Arranged by Kasidath Ritngarm, Tarit Chiarakul
Executive Produced by Danai Thongsinthusak
Produced by Kasidath Ritngarm, Pakorn Panong
Co-produced by Bill Piyatut H.
Mix & Mastering by Bill Piyatut H.