2 comments on ““No Way Without You” by DaBoyWay

  1. Ugh, Tahmnong! I used to bother you with Thaitanium songs all the time lol. I like how you give your opinions on songs you post now. We get to see your personality shine through and you seem pretty hilarious.

    • Hahaha awwwe, really? xD Just spewing my thoughts haha
      I used to just give my opinions on the Facebook page, but I know not all of my readers have a Facebook page, and a lot of times I’ve been getting asked the same questions on here that I already answered on Facebook, so I decided to share here too~ Plus I started off as a reviewer/critic/whatever you want to call it almost 10 years ago, and I’ve been getting bored of just translating, so. With full album releases becoming so rare these days, I’ve been trying to get into more single/MV reviews and stuff. I want to revamp the site, as soon as I can bring myself to get off my butt and finally start coding a new layout haha

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