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Title: Weekend
Artist: Two Pills After Meal
Album: [Single]
Year: 2016

(*) โปรดอยู่กับฉันก่อน
Brpoht yoo gup chun gaun
Please stay with me first
Gaun rao ja dtaung hahng
Before we must separate
Gaut gun eek krung
Hug me again

Mai yahk hai dtaung jahk
I don’t want you to have to leave
Jur gun mai tao rai
We don’t meet very often
Yah reep bpai nai
Don’t rush off anywhere

(**) ยังไม่พร้อมจะเจอกับความเดียวดาย
Yung mai praum ja jur gup kwahm diao dai
I’m not ready yet to face being alone
Dtor jahk nee ja mai mee tur kahng gai
From now on, I won’t have you beside me
Gaun ja teung welah dtaung jahk gun glai
Before it’s time for us to separate
จับมือฉันได้ไหม จนนาทีสุดท้าย
Jup meu chun dai mai jon nahtee soot tai
Please hold my hand until the last moment

Mai roo wah meua rai
I don’t know when
Ja glup mah pob gun
We’ll meet again
Ja ror wun nun
I’ll wait for that day


เนื้อร้อง : Little TPAM, แมว The Jukks
ทำนอง : Little TPAM
Recording Engineer : เทอดศักดิ์ smallroom
Mixed and Mastered : พี่รุ่ง, พี่นิ้ม smallroom BKK, Thailand

What a nice, simple, but catchy new single from this band~ I’m still a big fan of their synth pop sound, and I like the way this song can be understood in many different ways; From looking at just the lyrics, it seems like your basic long-distance love song, lamenting about having to separate and wanting to be together, but with a title like “Weekend,” one could infer that they’re singing to the weekend, telling it to not hurry off and to stay a while, something I’m sure everyone has been wishing to beg time haha. Lastly, the song never mentions anything about a romantic relationship, so as the music video portrays, this song could also speak to someone who is being separated from their friend, be it by actual distance or because of time restraints due to other priorities in their life, like a romantic relationship. Thumbs up for this release, I like it.