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Title: อ่อนแอก็แพ้ไป / Aun Ae Gor Pae Bpai (Weak, So I Lose)
English Title: “So Weak”
Artist: Mean
Album: [Single]
Year: 2017

Payayam ja glai tur tao rai
However much I try to get close to you
Gor ying glai auk bpai took tee
The further away I get every time
Payayahm tum took witee
I’ve tried in every way
Dtae mun mai mee kwham mai
But it’s meaningless

(*) สุดท้ายฉันก็เข้าใจ
Soot tai chun gor kao jai
Finally, I understand
Wah chun bpen dai tao nee
That this is all I can be

(**) ก็แค่คนที่เธอไม่รัก เธอไม่สน
Gor kae kon tee tur mai ruk tur mai son
I’m just someone whom you don’t love, whom you don’t care about
Kae kon tee tur maung pahn
I’m just someone whom you look past
ทุ่มเทแค่ไหน เธอก็ไม่สนใจ
Toom tay kae nai tur gor mai son jai
However much I devote, you don’t care
Aun ae gor kae pae bpai tao nun
I’m so weak, I just lose

Por bpen kon tee tur chaup tur took jai
In order to be someone whom you like and who pleases you
Mai hen dtaung tum arai suk yahng
There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do
Kon tee mun mai chai tum arai
Whatever the wrong person does
Gor kong mai mee kwahm mai
It’s meaningless



Executive producer : Boyd Kosiyabong & Sutee Saengsereechon
Produced by BlackBulls
Co-produced by MEAN
Words & Music : MEAN
Electric Guitar : Vorapat Vongsukont
Acoustic Guitar : Vorapat Vongsukont
Bass : Guntapich Yavirach
Keyboards : Pawee Prechaverakul
Drums : Nay Voravittayathorn
Background Vocal : Wut Wongsunsern, Chittralada Klaivongse

I’m liking the sound of this new band a lot. I like how, despite the disappointed lyrics of “I realize you don’t love me and there’s nothing I can do about it,” the song is still bouncy and catchy, like the singer is accepting that it’s pointless to keep trying and is shrugging it off to finally move on.

The music video is interesting, if I’m understanding it correctly, with the Mean boys trying to get the girl’s attention via modern technology, like the iPod, smart phone, digital camera, and color TV, but she’s too enthralled with older technology that she’s completely oblivious until they run out of batteries. Who could be oblivious to these guys, though? They’re all so attractive, I can’t even pick a favorite haha~
I’m glad their first single was well-done all around, and I look forward to hearing more from them! 😀