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Title: ไม่อยากเป็นของใคร / Mai Yahk Bpen Kaung Krai (I Don’t Want to Belong to Anyone Else)
English Title: “Only You”
Artist: Gypso and Put Puttichai (ยิปโซ + พุฒ)
Album: OST แหวนดอกไม้ / Waen Dauk Mai
Year: 2017

Walking alone, I can have my own fun
Doing whatever my heart desires, I don’t have to think about anyone else

I don’t see what’s wrong with doing things alone
I don’t really understand, why must we love each other?

(*) I don’t want to be owned, I don’t want anyone to claim me
So I’ve never thought of looking at anyone

(**) I’m still single over here, things are fine and still comfortable
But what happened when I met you?

(***) I just realized that it’s nice having someone thinking about you
I just realized that being in love is good for the heart
I like thinking about you like this
I like having you in my heart
I want to have you, can I?
I don’t want to belong to anyone else except you

(****) You you you, only you you you

You made the same old world seem a little bit better
You made someone change his ideas

You’re the only person who has made it into my heart
The only person whom I’m willing to let be important



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