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Title: Just One Night
Artist: Aof Pongsak
Album: [Single]
Year: 2016

Tell yourself to come out, come out
If you’re too late, it’ll be finished, don’t dilly-dally
Don’t get caught up fearing a love that said good-bye
Just tell yourself not to care about it, and in the end, it’ll disappear

Come on out and meet, meet strange people
The night scene is a bright scene
Hide your symptoms and your pain away
I don’t care, why should I?

(*) You might find true love tonight
You might meet someone who wants to have fun, oooh oh

(**) Why? I’ve been hurt but it hasn’t killed me
It’s just pain, it’s just a problem that will soon disappear
Come out and see me, kiss me
I’m still here, waiting, c’mon, a-ah, ohh
Hurry up and find me, hurry up and dance with me all night
Start it again tonight, it’s not too late
Let your life reach its climax, try again, try again
Just try thinking about it for just one night

Don’t wonder if it’s love or not yet
Let go of yourself and let your heart take a rest
Make it through tonight and if it’s right, go for it
But I don’t care, why should I?


Just one night

LOLLL AOFFF. Oh, Aof. :’D He gets the freedom to write and direct his own music for the first time and this is what he comes up with. This is what’s been hiding under all those sappy hetero love songs all these years. Oh, Aof, never change. <3