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Title: แค่ไหนแค่นั้น / Kae Nai Kae Nun (I Can Only Be What I Can Be)
Old Title: ขึ้นสวรรค์ / Keun Sawun (Risen to Heaven)
Artist: Best Titinan (เบสท์ ทิฏฐินันท์ – The Voice)
Album: [Single]
Year: 2016

Avoiding yourself is simple
Avoiding your heart, you’ll never get away
Secretly thinking it’s more than just an acquaintance
Every day, I can only forbid myself

(*) Can my loving friend become me loving my friend?
I’m afraid telling you will make you hate me

(**) I can only be what I can be
I can only love you
Even though you don’t love me
I’ve risen to heaven in my heart
I don’t know how much I can be
I just know that I love you, even though there’s no way
I love you, so what do you want me to do?
If you want my heart to forget you, I can’t

Since the day I crossed the line into loving you
I can’t deal with myself
The closer we are, the more unfamiliar it is
I’m anxious, afraid you’ll figure it out


I can only be what I can be

เนื้อร้อง : Mac ศรัณย์
ทำนอง : Mac ศรัณย์, โซ่ ETC. , Best
เรียบเรียง : Mac ศรัณย์, โซ่ ETC.
Produced : Mac ศรัณย์ , โซ่ ETC.

First big single for the winner of the Voice season 4~ He definitely doesn’t have a bad voice, and I like how the lyrics to this are a little different and have more of a variety than your usual I’m-in-love-with-my-friend songs. I wish it could have been longer than just mainly the chorus repeating a bunch of times, but other than that, not horrible. I hope the music video complements it~