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Artist: Stamp Apiwat
Album: [Single]
Year: 2019

Tur nun kit ja bpai nai
Where do you think you’re going?
Kwah choot nun mah sai
Grabbing that outfit to wear
Mee arai dtung dtae chao
There’s been something all morning
Raun kae nai roo reu bplao
Do you know how hot it is?

ฉันไม่พร้อมเจอแสง พระอาทิตย์
Chun mai praum jur saeng pra ahtit
I’m not ready to face the sunlight
Chun ja kor yoo lung bpradtoo bpit
I want to stay behind closed doors
Laeo ja kwah tur nun mah grasip
And grab you and whisper

(*) All I wanna do is to make it with you
All I want to do is to make it with you
Koo gup tur dtrong nee por
Being together with you right here is enough
I don’t need nothing more
I don’t need anything more
All I wanna do ล็อกประตูอยู่ข้างใน
All I wanna do lauk bpradtoo yoo kahng nai
All I want to do is lock the door and stay inside
ได้โปรดเธอตัดสินใจ ไม่ไปไหนได้รึเปล่า
Dai bproht tur dtut sin jai mai bpai nai dai reu bplao
Can you please decide not to go anywhere?
It’s bangkok summer bangkok summer
It’s Bangkok summer, Bangkok summer

เพลงที่เธอนั้นอยากฟัง เราจะร้องไปด้วยกัน
Pleng tee tur nun yahk fung rao ja raung bpai duay gun
We’ll sing the songs you want to listen to together

ก็ฉันไม่พร้อมเจอแสง พระอาทิตย์
Gor chun mai praum jur saeng pra ahtit
I’m not ready to face the sunlight
Kor dai mai hai saeng fai bpit
Could you please turn off the light?
แล้วจะคว้าเธอนั้นเข้ามา Kiss
Laeo ja kwah tur nun kao mah kiss
Then I’ll grab you and kiss you



Directed by Paphawee Jinnasith
Produced by Christopher Chu
Music & Lyrics by Christopher Chu & STAMP
Additional Programming by Pokpong Jitdee
Additional Guitars by Pokpong jitdee & Na polycat
Mixed by Christopher Chu
Mastered by Randy Merrill @Sterling Sound NYC


Having grown up in Bangkok, I used to think I had braved the worst and could handle any heat~ Then I moved to South Korea hahaha. Last year I went back to Bangkok to escape Korea summer 😛 But perhaps this song isn’t talking so much about the weather being hot as it is about the chemistry between the two roommates heating up~