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Title: Her
Artist: Yented ft. ARARYOZI , CHOCOLATE – T
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Aey listen up girl
Hey, listen up, girl
Koon tum hai lohk kaung pom mun yoot
You stopped my world
So hot in here
So hot in here
Piang kae sop sai dtah
Just making eye contact
เหมือนโดนสะกด in here
Meuan dohn sagot in here
It’s like I was hypnotized in here
Everything about you
Everything about you
ทำหัวใจหยุด in here
Tum hua jai yoot in here
Makes my heart stop in here

Aey yo girl Let me be the one
Hey, yo, girl, let me be the one
You and me เราจะเดินไปด้วยกัน
You and me rao ja dern bpai duay gun
You and me, we’ll be together
Koon kon diao tee won wian yoo nai fun
You’re the only person who keeps coming back in my dreams
Mai wun lup reu wah dteun ja mee koon yoo nai nun
No matter if I’m sleeping or awake, I’ll have you in there

Now and ever
Now and ever
Please say yes ละ let’s ride together
Please say yes la let’s ride together
Please say yes, let’s ride together
Trust in me แล้วรับผมเข้าไปเถอะ
Trust in me laeo rup pom kao bpai tur
Trust in me and accept me
ถึงจะดูbad boy แต่ แบบผมไม่เลอะเทะ
Teung ja doo bad boyd tae baep pom mai lur tur
Even though I seem like a bad boy, but my style’s not so messy

Tung hua jai ja ruam gun bpen neung diao
Our hearts will become one
Mai jao choo ja ruk koon kae kon diao
I’m not a player, I’ll only love you
จะตะวันหรือพระจัน มันก็เหมือนเวลาเดียว
Ja dtawun reu prajun mun gor meuan welah diao
Be it day or night, it’s like the same time
Ja pahn nahn suk kae nai ja mee koon kae kon diao
However much time passes, I’ll only have you

(*) ผู้คนหลากหลาย but baby you look so shine
Poo kon lahk lai but baby you look so shine
There’s so many people, but baby, you look so shiny
Saeng fai sataun tee auk mah dtahm rahng gai tur
Light is shining out of your body
Tum chun ton mai wai loey dtaung kao bpai tuk tai
I can’t take it, I have to say hello

(**) แค่อยากที่จะรู้ รู้ว่าเธอเป็นใคร
Kae yahk tee ja roo roo wah tur bepn krai
I just want to know who you are
Ja dai bauk hai tur dai roo wah tur naruk piang dai
And be able to let you know how cute you are
Tah mai dai jur eek laeo gor kong mai klaeo dtaung sia jai
If we can’t meet anymore, I wouldn’t be able to help but feel sad
Tah rao dtaung jahk gun nai keun nee
If we must separate tonight
ฉันเองก็ขอแค่เพียง ให้เราได้มาพูดจา
Chun eng gor kor kae piang hai rao dai mah poot jah
I just want us to talk
Mai dtaung mahk dtaung mai kae kum soot tai mai chai kum lah
It doesn’t have to be must, I just don’t want our last words to be good-bye
Hai dai mee ohgaht tee rao ja dai mah pob lae chai welah
Give me the chance for us to meet and spend some time
Duay gun suk krung

“I was staring at the sunset”
“The city of Phayao is becoming red like it’s burning”
今夜は1人でロンリーナイト? No
“Am I spend the time lonly tonight? No”
“You will hang out with me”
“without saying any nasty things”
“Just give me a comfort”
“Take me out from the maze”
“Let us be in the noise of the city”

Row ya, Row ya boat
“Let’s start rowing tonight”
“My mind gets weak”
“but, I don’t feel any pity tonight”
“I am here because of you”
( yes, you are only for me sure that )
“Your smile”
(ああ そうさ 君ならどうだい)
(“yes, what do you feel when you’re with me”)
Que rico
“I’m a prisoner of you”


Gaun jop kong dtaung pahn laeo reuang kum tuk tai
Before the end, there must be a greeting
และก่อนจากคงไม่จบพร้อมกับsay goodbye
Lae gaun jahk kong mai jop praum gup say goodbye
And before separating, let’s not end with saying good-bye
พรุ่งนี้และต่อไป I want u in my life
Proong nee lae dtor bpai I want you in my life
From tomorrow on, I want you in my life
That’s right
That’s right

หัวใจผมมันตกหลุม with your body
Hua jai pom mun dtok loom with your body
My heart fell in love with your body
ยอมแลกอะไรก็ได้ with your booty
Yaum laek arai gor dai with your booty
I’d trade anything for your booty
Samaung pom mun sung hai yoot laeo nai keun nee
My brain is ordering me to stop tonight
เพราะคุณคือตัวจริง be ma shoty
Pror koon keu dtua jing be ma shoty
Because you’re the real thing, be my shorty

Chuay bplian cheewit hai pom mee koon
Please change my life and let me have you
Everyday just me and you
Everyday just me and you
คำว่ารักของผม is true
Kum wah ruk kaung pom is true
My love is true
เลนอยากให้คุณมาเปน ma boo
Loey yahk hai koon mah bpen my boo
So I want you to be my boo

Took nahtee lae keun wun jon pahn nahn bpen bpee
Every minute, day, and night that passes for years
ไม่เปลี่ยนใจและเปลี่ยนไปแค่ only you baby
Mai bplian jai lae bplian bpai ake only you baby
I won’t change my mind or change anything, it’s only you baby
ยอมให้คุณเปน number one lady
Yaum hai koon bpen number one lady
I’m willing to let you be my number one lady
Just me and you baby
Just me and you, baby


Lyric: Pongthorn Pameto , Araryozi . Chocolate – t
Melody: Pongthorn Pameto
Compose: Panukorn mala
Producer: Mekk machina
Mix & mastering: Mekk machina