10 comments on ““แค่ได้เป็นคนสุดท้ายที่เธอคิดถึง (Kae Dai Bpen Kon Soot Tai Tee Tur Kit Teung)” by Pause

  1. omg. very lovely song.
    im hoping to have a piano sheet.
    please give me.
    garz here from philippines

  2. Frankly, I knew this song because of 2 moons the series 😀 I love this song so much! And I really like the lyrics too! Thank you for sharing the lyrics and the translation<3

  3. I love this song very much. I think this will be my most favorite Thai Song from now on.

  4. Having not been as fortunate as yourself to hear the original lead singer’s voice, and thus having no comparison, I must say I love this lead’s voice. It’s very unique and those half notes get me every time. I hope to hear more from him and the group.

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