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  1. The dance was really good! It’s always nice to see when Kamikaze actually decides to have good choreo in their videos, which is rare. And the songs alright. The video…it’s like a rip off of that last video they released of Marc, where he picked on that girl. But at least the Marc one wasn’t quite as bad. Like, the idea of him picking on her is cute and all, but this is too far! He let her fall in the pool, posted pics of her online and on posters, and ruined her bike and emptied her backpack like a douche tbh. And he didn’t even try to act like it was cuz he liked her until later on. I would’ve been like “too late for you to start being nice to me” and told him to eff off and maybe got another boyfriend just to piss him off. I know they were trying to go for a bad boy concept, but can’t he just look like a bad boy and have a good heart? Or maybe just bully her once due to peer pressure, then apologize, and never do it again? I mean, I get they were trying to be cute about it, but it’s kind of problematic.

    Just like Shout by VRP, now that I think of it! They snuck in her room, looking for the soccer ball and when she saw them and screamed, they smothered her with a pillow to shut her up and she passed out! Doesn’t Kamikaze know what that looked like?! What that suggested was gonna happen? Good God, I remember the first time I saw it I was about to witness assault! Geeze, Kamikaze, stop trying to romanticize your male idols treating girls like crap. UGH.

    • YES, THANK YOU. People keep complaining I’m being too sensitive or reading too much into these, but it’s like, uhh, seriously, what are we showing our kids? He never apologized once and the girl just took it, I don’t understand what they’re trying to say, other than “It’s okay to give in to peer pressure, the girl will understand” or “girls like assholes so go out and be a douche!” or something to that nature. I forgot about VRP’s pillow-smothering scene!!! That was terrifying. Glad I’m not the only one who finds herself a little bothered by the direction some of these music videos have taken, trying to play off violent or bullying behavior as being cute, funny, or romantic

    • and i want more love warning and i want the girl and the boy was stay in the movie plssss….

  2. I don’t quite understand the lyrics of this song…the part where he said “I’ll give you one second, if you don’t stop bothering me, don’t come crying to me.” What does that even mean? Like, don’t cry to me about your problems? And the part where he said “I told you, playing like this, makes the heart numb…if things get serious one day, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.” Like, if one day I don’t like you anymore, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about making me wait will make me lose feelings? Or like, if one day I turn serious and pursue you, don’t be surprised at my actions? Please explain to me the true meanings of these lines. I’m so confused. Sorry I’m just over analyzing things…ugh…

    • I think you got it in your second assumption~ ^^ The song’s about the guy starting to have feelings for his friend because she keeps doing things that seem flirty or more-than-friends-y, so he’s saying if you don’t stop doing things like this, you’re going to make me fall for you, and then if you decide you’re not interested in me pursuing you, it’s going to be your fault for making me develop feelings for you, so if you’re not interested in this turning into a relationship, stop now, or something like that 🙂

        • She was supposed to be a singer with kamikaze label, but she never debuted past the group songs, and now Kamikaze is shut down, so who knows what she’s doing now

  3. I am not from thailand but what I love the beats of this song. This song seriously makes me move to it, and I think a bully also has some heart to love a girl so the video fits the song and his voice for me. I can sit through hours and listen to this song though I do not understand anything but LOVE THE SONG!!! ;))

    • i like to listen to this song. i listen more than 10 times this song in one day. i like the scenes

  4. From India, Music hv no boundaries. This is the best song ever truly depicts my Love story. I love the girl. So beautifull.

  5. Hey!! I just want to know the full name of this singer and the girl I’m little bit confused
    Some says third some says kamikaze and the girl is Jubjang and some says sarina …
    Please I’m a big fan help

    • The singer is Third Kamikaze
      The girl’s name is Jubjang Sarina, she’s another singer on the Kamikaze label branch

  6. Hey tahmnong
    I also want to be a singer
    Please suggest me or hwlp me with smthing
    After looking this video i am greatly impressed by kamekaze

  7. I’m so confused to the song.
    I don’t realized the song a boy that bully
    A girl that’s it.

  8. Thats my favorite song
    I not know this thai language
    But i love this song very much and
    I want to learn thai language and
    Then hear this song
    I love ♡♡ jubjang sarina ♡♡ very much

  9. This song is my favorite listening to this song makes me feel so relax even though im listening to it over and over again …… i love the singer too im no.1 fan of third

  10. ผมมีความสุข รักคุณ ผมภูมิใจในตัวคุณ ต้องระมัดระวัง ลา ในอินเดีย การหลอกลวง

    • This isn’t a movie, it’s a music video, and the full music video is already embedded at the top of the post

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