7 comments on ““ไม่โสดบอกซะ (Did You Lie?)” by Aum Kasiya

  1. But…is this even lukthung, though? Literally, I hear none in it at all. Sounds more like pop.And what’s with the image change? She seemed kinda cutesy and goodie-goodie in her other MVs, and now BAM! Sexy and bad girl concept. Kind of came from no where. And, also, why is her voice so light and airy here? She actually sang pretty decent in her other two songs. What happened?

    • It’s not lookthoong, no hahaha. And because no one took much of an interest in her before, they changed her up now to be in the new Samosorn Chimi group, which is focused on weak, heavily-autotuned vocals and all-butt-and-boobs watch-the-music-video-with-the-volume-on-mute concept because that’s the kind of audience they’re aiming for, so. Here came this song haha.

      • Damn, what a shame 🙁 Isn’t she only in 5 Samosorn Chimi songs? Cuz I don’t think she’s in their old song called “Vivacious, Cute” that you translated.

          • Are you sure she wasn’t in it during the last few songs Baitoey and Kratae were in (Yohn, No Boys Allowed, Take your Cuteness Away, and that slow “My boyfriend” song)? Cuz there’s another girl there, and I don’t even know who that extra girl is or never heard of her. So, I figured it might have been Aum back in the day. But, I don’t know all the Rsiam, artists, so I’m not sure.

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