5 comments on ““โสดอยู่รู้ยัง (Single Lady)” by Samosorn Chimi

  1. “Deep, big, long, and white like you at every angle, please, it’s worth it to let you flirt every month, ” <—– Uh, what? O.o

    • Haha it’s awkward in English since western countries have the opposite beauty standards, but those are all compliments in Thai

      • Oh, oh, lol. I thought it was something gross lol. Heh Heh, you’d be shocked at what I thought it was. I already know that white, milky skin is kind of the beauty standard in most Asian countries, as opposed to here in the USA where most of the people want a “sun-kissed glow”. I’m literally the opposite from my country’s beauty standard when it comes to that, haha. I’m super pale (even the lightest color of liquid makeup that you can buy looks orange on me) and I literally don’t tan. I just burn, so I have to wear sunscreen alot, haha. Thankfully, I’m not the only one in America rebelling against the “tan skin” trend, though, as there are other pale people, too. What exactly are the compliments “deep, big, and long” referencing to?

        • Deep like the opposite of shallow, like, personality wise? Big in stature because most Asians are small, and long like long and thin body, face, legs, etc, because the slim Korean pop star type is in right now haha

          • Oh okay. That stuff is actually the standard in US, too. Deep personality is always good. Alot of women like tall guys and REALLY muscular dudes, so I guess “bigness” is loved here, too. Also, there are girls who go for the really skinny boys here, too.

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