36 comments on ““สั่น (Shake)” by Lovesick The Series

  1. I love all the lovesick series songs. Some of the songs are so meaningful and it reflects my life now..I hope u will make the lyrics of all the songs in alphabet because I cant read Thai but I really want to sing along the songs.please do translate the Thai written lyric in alphabet form.Gracias.

  2. I love thai songs. Even i don’t understand so well but it makes my heart very meaningful. Hope to visit thailand and meet the cast of lovesick the series. Thanks. ^_< V

  3. i really love this song and the series. i had a plan on ausgt at 2016 i will visit thai. i hope i can meet all the cast of love sick, hormones and yes or no. amen.. it awesome! ko phun ka

  4. I love this song. And ‘is this love’ from love sick. Loved the series. Just it was too quick at the end. I had plans to visit Thailand and meet at least one of the cast preferably min pookbooncherd. I have a huge crush on him. Hahaha. Only if my agent could make arrangement and my doctor would permit me to travel soon.

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  6. Love this song (SHAKE) and the series! I just finished watching Seasons 1 and 2. Wishing and hoping I could visit Thailand, too, by next year and get to meet even one of the cast somehow.

  7. same here. Lovesick is one of my favorite Thai movie. I already watch it 3 times from season one until season two. i hope they will have season 3. LOve from Philippines.

  8. Love this song, love this artist, and love the drama “Love Sick The Series”!! Sending love from the U.S xoxo :*

  9. I love this song so much; on a lot of series I skip past the opening song to get to the show, Love Sick is the only series I watched the opening credits for. This song is beautiful.

    • same here baby! hahaha. i really love how this song brings too much joy to my heart. the song was very well-composed. it strikes everyone right to the heart.

  10. I really love this song…but I don’t know when Im listening to this song like I’m crying. Maybe I found myself mesmerised to this sing rather I keep thinking about captain and whitethis is my first thai song that I’m really in love with. more love more faith

  11. I just absolutely love this song. I was never really a fan of thai songs but after watching love sick series and listening to this song, my heart turned a 180°. I never imagined myself to go crazy and fall in love with the song…. Big big love

  12. I saw Love Sick on 2017 and i fell in love with all (sorry for my english, i’m from Argentina) i really hope and wish another season! About the album i really love all the songs, specially Shake and Pass, those make me cry, idk why jaja♥

  13. Listening and learning this song in 2020. This series is making me survive the Covid pandemic. I hope for a reunion project for them all. Season 3!

  14. Re-living my early years as a BL Fan… Visiting this page after nearly 5 years now in the end of April 2022 Filled with Nostalgia ❤️

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