6 comments on ““ใครคนนั้น (Krai Kon Nun)” by Bedroom Audio

  1. Hi ! Thank you for this wonderful Thai song. It is part of my favorites ones. 🙂
    I started subbing Thai music few days ago in French and English. Would you accept if i used your translation for the subs ? I wish to add French subtitles
    Of course i would mention and thank you in the end/beginning of the video.

    Thanks, i’d be glad if you accepted.

  2. Hey ! It’s me again. Sorry i just found the “About/Contact” now
    Of course my videos aren’t for any commercial use.
    And sure, i’ll give credits to you, and mention your website in the description 😉
    Good job !

  3. As promised, i subbed here 🙂

    I’ll add french when i get time. I translated but not subbed yet

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