8 comments on ““ความเชื่อ (Kwahm Cheua)” by Bodyslam ft. Ad Carabao

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  2. This is one of THE BEST Thai-Rock’s lyics, in my opinion.
    Very motivational! Thanks to the translator who translated!

  3. I think there’s a missing line in the second chorus.

    The first time the chorus is sang (by Bodyslam) it ends the way you translated (“Meua dern tao rai mun gor pai mai teung”) but the second time the chorus is sang (by Ad Carabao) he sings something quite different (ending with “hai teung” and not “mai teung”). Can you look into it?


    • Okay, figured it out! For anyone interested —

      The first time, the final line in the chorus is indeed: เมื่อเดินเท่าไหร่มันก็ไปไม่ถึง
      Transliterated: Meua dern tao rai mun gor pai mai teung
      Translated here to: When however much you walk, you never reach it

      The second and third time, the final line in the chorus is: แต่จะยังไงก็ต้องไปให้ถึง
      Transliterated: Dtae ja yang ngai gor dtong pai hai teung
      Which I *think* translates to: But somehow you will have to reach it

  4. Listen to this song since 2011 and really love this song, it’s always giving me boost feeling anytime i listening

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