3 comments on ““ใช่เธอรึเปล่า (Chai Tur Reu Plao)” by Kusuman Rungruang

  1. Hehehe…thanks tahmnong. Of course, it’s my job to make everything easier for you to translate. I know you are one busy person, and helping you find everything is something easy to do. So yeap, I’ll always provide you with enough info, so it won’t be too hard on you. =) I always love your translation so don’t worry if it right or not, at least it’s something

  2. Any time~~ ^_^
    I wasn’t so worried about if it was right or not, it’s just that sometimes the lyrics don’t translate well into English… like “If you look, there are no flowers, but my heart has flowers” sounds a little strange, but in Thai it has a pretty, cute meaning haha. xD
    But yeahh thanks again for taking the time to dig up the lyrics for me~ ^3^

  3. Yeap NP. I understand. Some time a phrase have a very good meaning to it, but when translate into another lang. it’ll come out different (like it doesn’t have that special meaning to it anymore) I get that. Thanks for clarifying that with me. Anyway thanks again. Til next time then..hehe

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