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  1. Puahaha! Before even listening to the song and was just reading the lyrics, I already loved it. Loved how the meaning was just so upfront and topnotch. I do too hope that those `so-call player` men out there get the message as well. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much, just one question, in the second **

    (***) ถ้าไม่แคร์ ไม่แคร์ เดี๋ยวก็มีคนอื่น
    Tah mai care mai care diao gor mee kon eun
    If you don’t care, I don’t care, in a moment I’ll get someone else
    เรื่องของเธอ ของเธอ เดี๋ยวๆมันก็ลืม
    Reuang kaung tur kaung tur diao diao mun gor leuam
    Your matters, your matters, in a few moments, they’ll be forgotten

    ชอบมีความรัก แค่มีความรัก
    Chaup mee kwahm ruk kae mee kwahm ruk
    I like being in love, just being in love

    ( in this but second whe faye is singing this part not fang and there is not the “just loveaholc”
    Mai jum pen dtaung ruk tur
    I don’t have to love you,

    I’m not sure if it soudn the same about what faye is singing at that moment (is the minute 2:16)

    Could you check please, thank you so much!!!! for your job!!! yo are awesome!!!!

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