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Title: เวลาที่เหลือ / Welah Tee Leua (The Time Left)
Artist: Pim Pimprapa (พิม พิมประภา)
Album: OST ลูกไม้ลายสนธยา / Look Mai Lai Son Tayah
Year: 2018

How much longer can I love you
When destiny has decided to separate us?
What should I do?
I can’t bear the thought of letting go of your hand

But me still loving you
Hurts you too much
How should I decide?
Please tell me, destiny

(*) How much time is left for our love
Until it is defeated by destiny?
However much time is left
I’ll use every second to love only you

I know I love you
And that my heart belongs to you
But our finish line has us parting ways

It hurts to know how much I love you
And I also know that leaving won’t be easy
Can you change, destiny? Please change for me


Even though I know we love each other
We’re on parallel lines
However long we walk, we won’t meet


No matter how this ends
No matter if it’s good or bad
I’m ready to devote my entire heart
Because I’ll love only you forever
I refuse to give in to destiny
I’ll still love only you


คำร้อง/ทำนอง : เฉลิมพงษ์ ศรีโรจนันท์
เรียบเรียง: วีรภัทร์ อึ้งอัมพร
Producer : ณฤทธิ์ ชุ่มภาณี