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Title: ไม่อาจหยุดยั้ง / Mai Aht Yoot Yung (Can’t Be Stopped)
Artist: Miew Boom Boom Cash
Album: [Single]
Year: 2017

Paen din ja wai krai ja hahm dai
The earth will shake, who can forbid it?
Mae num tung sai mun ja lai rin
All rivers flow
Saeng duang dtawun yung mai dtok din
The light of the sun hasn’t set
ใคร จะหยุดยั้ง
Krai ja yoot yung
Who will stop it?

Kon mun ja bpai krai ja yoot dai
People leave, who can stop them?
Num dtah mun lai doy mai roo dtua
Tears flow without me realizing
Aun waun tao rai gor mai hen hua
However much I beg, I’m ignored
Mai mee kwahm hen jai
There’s no sympathy

(*) ก็ร้องให้ตายเถอะ
Gor raung hai dtai tur
Cry it out
Raung hai dtai tur
Cry it out
Kong mai mee krai hen
No one will see
Gee num dtah haeng heuat
The tears will dry up
Tah cheuat dtua eng dtai
If I cut myself to death
Tur kong mai hun mah
You wouldn’t turn back

(**) อะไรที่มันต้องเกิด
Arai tee mun dtaung gert
Something that has to happen
มันก็ต้องเกิด ไม่อาจหยุดยั้ง
Mun gor dtaung gert mai aht yoot yung
Has to happen, it can’t be stopped
Meua kon mun mot hua jai
When someone doesn’t have feelings anyore
มันก็ต้องไป มันก็แค่นั้น
Mun gor dtaung bpai mun gor kae nun
They have to leave, and that’s that

Kwahm ruk gor dtua keun jahk pook pun
Love grows from a relationship
Laeo gor mee wun dtaung salai bpai
And there will be a day where it must topple
Saeng fai rip ree mai aht dtahn tahn dai
The faint light can’t impede
Raeng lom tee tah tohm
The strength of the howling wind



This is certainly a different turn from the usual senseless party drinking songs Boom Boom Cash usually sings. While I wasn’t sure if I would originally like this song as I wasn’t sure I’d care much for Miew’s voice outside the techno setting, but the more I listen to it, the more it’s growing on me. I like the tough lyrics; this is just the way it has to be, accept it and move on. I also like how the music video portrayed the girls’ acceptance and moving on from their failed relationships, getting rid of all the things that reminded them of the guy, including his clothes, his guitar, and his baby. Nicely put together, I’m pleasantly surprised to see this come both from Miew and from Mono Music~