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Title: คำสุดท้าย / Kum Soot Tai (LAST WORD)
Artist: Khokdin
Album: [Single]
Year: 2015

Even though I didn’t want to believe it was true
Today, I heard it, it’s not wrong, is it?
It’s a word that really breaks my heart
When you said good-bye, when you told me you had to go

(*) I stand looking my dreams in the eye
In the end, it can’t be helped
I must let go of your hand and let love go

(**) No matter how many times I say I love you
There’s no way to stop you or change your good-bye
It seems like today I should understand that
You are the love that flew away, and you’ll never come back

Even though I didn’t want to believe it was true
With the word that you left for me
It might be because my heart still hasn’t accepted it
But your good-bye must fade from my heart eventually


Love, world, anger, infatuation, it’s only love that my heart chooses to desire
But you and I must part ways because our love has reached a dead end
Hope ended up running out
Because the person who left me is the same person who told me they loved me more than anything
My life that was once happy ended up being just an illusion
You’ve started a new life with someone else, but I’m still living in yesterday
My tears still flow
And deep down in my feelings, I still really can’t erase you
I still remember every condition when you changed
You made me truly understand that your love was worthless
The brightness changed to darkness
From a person who persistently loved you, today I’ve ended up falling
You left me sinking in evil things
I’ll tell you I love you instead of good-bye for you to remember as my last words


Title: ทนไม่ไหว / Ton Mai Wai (Can’t Take It)
Artist: Khokdin
Album: [Single]
Year: 2014

Every exit, every answer
I still haven’t found a reason for you to come back again
I’ve reconsidered it, you still bother my heart
I still haven’t forgotten you, no one could take this

(*) Until the painful end
I don’t have you, and I’ve reached a dead end
I’ve begun to learn loneliness
I still haven’t forgotten you
No one could take this

(**) No one could take this
No one could take this

I used to draw pictures of you and me
With the friendship and everything like I’d dreamed of
If there’s you, there must be me by your side
We’ll hold hands and walk, never to separate
My world was always full of love
Because I was crazy about you all the time
You never left me to daydream
But the human life is uncertain
What meets must separate and end up starting at the beginning again

After that, you slowly killed me
With the feelings beginning from your tone of voice
It’s like you abandoned me in the darkest room
The love I once believed in became tears
That spill out without stop
I want to stop myself, stop every feeling
Every thought of loving you is killing me
But I still can’t do it, your image still bothers me
I’m telling you I can’t stop loving you


No one could take this