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Title: ปากร้ายใจรัก / Bpahk Rai Jai Ruk (Cruel Mouth, Loving Heart)
Artist: Jannine Weigel
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

แกล้งพูดให้เธอโกรธ ทุกครั้งที่ได้เจอกัน
Glaeng poot hai tur groht took krung tee dai jur gun
I tease you and make you angry every time we meet
ความจริงฉันไม่ต้องการ ทำแบบนี้เมื่อเจอเธอ
Kwahm jing chun mai dtaung gahn tum baep nee meua jur tur
In reality, I don’t want to act like this when I see you

คล้ายคล้ายว่าฉันเกลียด ไม่คิดไม่มองดูกัน
Klai klai wah chun gliet mai kitmai maung doo gun
It’s like I hate you, like I don’t think or look at you
Tae jing hua jai yung wun gup sing tee saun yoo kahng nai
But actually, my heart still trembles with the things hidden inside

(*) หากต้องบอกความเป็นจริง
Hahk dtaung bauk kwahm bpen jing
If I must tell the truth
หากต้องบอกความในใจ ว่าใครคิดถึงเธอ
Hahk dtaung bauk kwahm nai jai wah krai kit teung tur
If I must tell you the things in my heart, that someone is thinking of you
Yahk ja gep mun nai jai
I want to keep them in my heart
อยากจะแอบมันข้างใน กลัวเธอจะไม่สนใจกัน
Yahk ja aep mun kahng nai glua tur ja mai son jai gun
I want to hide them inside, scared you won’t care about me

(**) อาจดูเหมือนฉันเป็นคนที่ปากร้าย
Aht doo meuan chun bpen kon tee bpahk rai
I might seem like I’m a person with a cruel mouth
Glaeng tum bpai bpen meuan kon mai mee hua jai
Pretending like I’m someone who doesn’t have feelings for you
ไม่เคยคิดเลย อย่างที่พูดไป
Mai koey kit loey yahng tee poot bpai
But I’ve never actually felt like I’ve been saying
Poot arai muk mai dtrong gup jai
I’ve been speaking things that don’t match my heart
Dai yin mai chun mai koey ja jai rai
Do you hear me? I’ll never be cruel-hearted
Saun gep wai kwahm wung dee tee mee hai tur
I hide the well-wishes I have for you
Gep ao wai nahn kum wah ruk tur
I’ve hidden my love for you for a long time
อยากให้รู้ ได้ยินไหมเธอ
Yahk hai roo dai yin mai tur
I want to let you know, do you hear me?


Dai yin mai tur
Do you hear me?
Dai yin mai tur
Do you hear me?
Dai yin mai
Do you hear me?


Director: Chu.a.pa Studio
Lyrics: Niraya Weigel
Composed: Parinya Phuanukulnon
Arranged: Preecha Chongsri
Produced: Preecha Chongsri
Mix & Mastering: Danuphop Kamol


Jannine seems happier since leaving Grammy. I wonder if she liked using her Thai name to identify herself, or if she’s happy to go back to her given name. If this is also her chosen style as well, then I was right with my assumption that GMM was the one wanting to capitalize on sex appeal and dressing her up in revealing outfits that seemed a little inappropriate for a teenager. Whatever the situation, I wish her luck on her new path in her career and hope it better suits her~