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Title: เพราะเธอคู่ควร / Pror Tur Koo Kuan (Because You’re Suitable)
Artist: Jakkayan Avagaz
Album: [Single]
Year: 2018

Krai dtor krai gor maung wah chun ngoh ngom
Everyone looks at me like I’m foolish
Bpai gep set ruk kaung krai lai kon
For keeping so many people’s sloppy seconds
Ao mah yok yaung bpen duang jai
And to give them the value of being my sweetheart
Chun mai care wah tur koey sia bpai tao rai
I don’t care how much you’ve ever lost
Mai wah krai kao poot gun yung ngai
No matter what anyone says
Chun gor yung maung tur
I’m still looking at you

(*) เป็นดั่งคนรักในหัวใจ
Bpen dung kon ruk nai hua jai
I’ll be like a lover in your heart
Mai wah koey pit suk kae nai
No matter how much you’ve ever screwed up
Chun ja maung kahm pahn mun bpai
I’ll look past it
Lae yung ja ruk kae piang dtae tur tao nun por
And I’ll still love only you, that’s enough

(**) เพราะเธอคู่ควรกับคำว่ารัก
Pror tur koo kuan gup kum wah ruk
Because you’re suitable for love
Lae chun ja mai yaum sia tur bpai
And I refuse to lose you
เธอมีค่าเข้าใจไหม อย่าไปสนคำของใคร
Tur mee kah kao jai mai yah bpai son kum kaung krai
You’re valuable, understand? Don’t go caring about the words of other people
Roo piang kae chun rukt ur tao nun
All I know is that I only love you
Adeet tee mun leo rai ja mai son jai
I don’t care about your cruel past
Dtor jahk nee took lom hai jai
From now on, my every breath
Ja yoo peua ror lae ruk tur bpai
Will be to wait and love you
Dtalaut gahn


Tah chun koo kuan gup kum wah ruk
If I’m suitable for love
Lae tur ja mai yaum sia chun bpai
And you refuse to lose me
ขอบคุณนะที่เข้าใจ ที่ไม่สนคำของใคร
Kaup koon na tee kao jai tee mai son kum kaung krai
Thank you for understanding and not caring about the words of other people
Reuang rao tee mun dai koey pahn pon
The stories that have ever passed
Adeet tee mun leo rai hai mun saun jai
Let the cruel past teach our hearts
ต่อจากนี้ จนวันสุดท้าย
Dtor jahk nee jon wun soot tai
From today until our final day
จะอยู่เพื่อเธอ และรักกันไป
Ja yoo peua tur lae ruk gun bpai
I’ll live for you and love you
Dtalaut gahn


Lyrics : ธนพล อังคุตรานนท์
Melody : ธนพล อังคุตรานนท์
Arrange by : TATOON’S
Produced by : ณัฐภาสรณ์ จันทร์ส่อง
Executive Produced by : จักรยานอวกาศ
Mixed & mastered by : TATOON’S


I’m torn on how I feel about this song, because I know there are a lot of people who still care about a girl’s virginity and many guys who would refuse to even marry or at least pay dowry on a girl who has lost it, so with that in mind, maybe it’s kind of sweet that they’re declaring that they don’t care about her sexual history and that she’s still lovable? But at the same time, it feels almost like a sort of backhanded compliment the way they keep bringing up all the flack they get for insisting on loving “used goods” and reminding her how society views her, and claiming they’re willing to look past all the times the girl has “screwed up”, like a girl being sexually active is screwing up… I don’t know.