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Title: I Only Care About You
Artist: Dr. Paul Skywalker
Album: [Thai cover of 我只在乎你 by 邓丽君]
Year: 2016

(*) If I didn’t have you by my side today
I don’t know where I’d be
Living without value
As time slipped by

[Chinese verses]


Other people may have come into my life
I might have lived normally
A love that touched me all the way to my heart
I can only daydream of

For the rest of my life, from now on, I have only you
It’s like our breaths are always intertwined
Filled with meaning, until the day I die, my love for you won’t lessen
No matter what I must give in exchange, I’m always willing

(**) I want to stay right here, please don’t run off
How much emptiness I feel when we must be separated

[Chinese verse]


คำร้องภาษาไทย (ชีวิตฉันมีแต่เธอ) : Dr.Paul Skywalker

The song is a direct translation of the original Chinese version (actually, a very nice transition from singable Chinese to singable Thai without changing the meaning, which is no easy feat in any language!). The Chinese verses mixed in are from the original song and are just the same as the Thai verses, so I just translated the Thai parts and marked where the Chinese verses are.