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Title: Don’t Judge Me
Artist: Timethai
Album: [Single]
Year: 2017

I’ve been smokin all alone
I’ve been riding all alone

Kor mee tur bpen kon soot tai
I want you to be my final girl
Would you meet me on the low
Would you meet me on the low?
But baby lets go
But baby, let’s go
Imma show u my world
I’m going to show you my world
Show u everything my girl
Show you everything, my girl
Cheua chun dai mai tur
Please trust me
Please lemme roll for ya
Please let me roll for you

(*) Baby please dont judge me
Baby, please don’t judge me
Wah chun undtarai
Saying I’m dangerous
Kor raung tur dai bproht fung
I’m begging you, please listen
Before say goodbye
Before you say good-bye

(**) Dont judge me if im stoner
Don’t judge me if I’m a stoner
Dont judge me if im older
Don’t judge me if I’m older
Please let me pull u closer
Please let me pull you closer
Dont judge me if im รัก เธอ
Don’t judge me if I’m ruk tur
Don’t judge me if I love you

Im so high right now
I’m so high right now
Would u believe me
Would you believe me
ให้ฉันตาย right now
Hai chun dtai right now
Let me die right now
Im still gonna do this
I’m still going to do this
อย่าไปแคร์ what they say เสียเวลาชีวิต
Yah bpai care what they say sia welah cheewit
Don’t care what they say, it’s a waste of time and life
Mai roo tur na kit yahng rai
I don’t know how you feel



Music : TIMETHAI , Karn KPN
Mix & Master : NINO
Video : Cherub , Taka (WAC)


Well. I’m glad he explained that he was high when he wrote this song, because then it makes sense how he might mistakenly think it’s a decent release. I’m sure if he had been sober, he’d have noticed it’s actually painful to listen to. Well, while I’m happy for Timethai getting away from the sinking ship that is RS’s music production, and I’m happy he can do his own thing now, and I realize he’s asking people with this song to *not* judge him… but congrats, you’re now another unoriginal, dime-a-dozen heavily autotuned basement rapper singing about how you love drugs and hookups. :/ Next.